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Cover of Summer 2023 Heller Magazine with image of Joseph Assan and Laurence Simon

Summer 2023

  • Letter from the interim dean
  • A Moment of Serendipity Joseph Assan shares how he crossed paths with Laurence Simon at a conference, leading to a new chapter in his career with Heller’s MA in Sustainable International Development program
  • Creating a Self-Sufficient Future Three Heller Social Impact MBA/MA in Sustainable International Development alumni share what they have learned from working with Fab Labs and Makerspaces
  • Voices of Heller: Podcast Playlist A podcast playlist featuring Heller community members who moonlight as podcast hosts, or pinch-hit as guest experts on podcasts we all know and love
  • Q & A with Bawi Mang Lian, MS GHPM/MA SID’23 Bawi Mang Lian talks about navigating political unrest to provide critical health care
  • In Focus: In support of the Colombian Peace Process, Everyday Peace Indicators (EPI) has integrated photovoice into its Everyday Justice project in Colombia.

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Alumni Milestones

*The summer 2023 edition of Heller Magazine is entirely digital, with no print issue.

Cover of Winter 2023 Heller Magazine with image of Interim Dean Maria Madison

Winter 2023

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Alumni Milestones

Welcoming New Faculty

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Summer 2022 Heller Magazine cover

Summer 2022

  • Letter from the interim dean
  • Fabric of Change: Ambreen Khan, MA SID’19, fosters economic empowerment for artisan women from Pakistan to Texas in an increasingly competitive marketplace
  • Children in Crisis: Dr. Ilan Schwartz, EMBA’21, established the award-winning Child Psychiatry Short Stay Service to ease pressure on Massachusetts’ strained care system
  • The Power of Storytelling: Economist and professor Lisa Lynch, P’17, H’17, helps students make sense of an economy and labor market unlike any other
  • Q & A with Habiba Braimah, PhD candidate: As the director of the Brandeis University Intercultural Center, Habiba Braimah fosters a welcoming community where diverse experiences and perspectives are valued
  • In Focus: PhD candidate Teresa Kroeger’s research lens illuminates her perspective as a professional photographer

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Alumni Milestones

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Winter 2022 magazine cover

Winter 2022

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Alumni Milestones

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Summer 2021 Heller Magazine Cover: "How to Rescue America: Heller research shapes Biden's coronavirus rescue package for society's most vulnerable" and image of Capitol building with red life preserver draped over it against a dark blue background

Summer 2021

Alumni Milestones

*The summer 2021 edition of Heller Magazine is entirely digital, with no print issue. 

Cover of winter 2021 Heller Magazine with medical worker in personal protective equipment and background of N95 masks

Winter 2021

Heller Alumni Award Winners (Alumni Profiles):

*The winter 2020-21 edition of Heller Magazine is entirely digital, with no print issue. 

Winter 2019

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Cover of Summer 2019 Heller Magazine

Summer 2019

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Heller Magazine Winter 2018

Winter 2018

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Summer 2018

  • Simulated Society, Real Lessons: COEX Program Director Alain Lempereur uses an exercise called SIMSOC around the world—from Burundi to his classroom at Heller—to shed light on social inequities
  • Optimism of the Heart: Professor Robert Kuttner on his latest book, that infamous phone call from Steve Bannon, and a lifetime on the left edge of the possible
  • Changing the Future Through Fellowships: How critical financial support from Heller alumni and friends helps students—especially international ones—transform their lives and the communities around them
  • A Community for Life: The Eli J. & Phyllis N. Segal Citizen Leadership Program celebrates its 10th anniversary
  • Excellence Rising: A Fresh Start on Equity, Inclusion and Diversity at Heller: A perspectives column authored by Maria Madison, the associate dean for equity, inclusion and diversity 

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Winter 2017

  • The Academic Advocate: The Heller School welcomed David Weil, workplace and labor policy expert and former Obama appointee, as the school’s dean in August 2017
  • Connecting the Dots on Criminal Justice Reform: From policing to substance abuse to recidivism and re-entry, Heller MPP researchers and alumni strive for change at every level of the justice system
  • WorkAround: Three Heller alumnae have founded a startup company that provides online micro-tasking jobs to refugees and displaced people around the globe
  • Heller's Homegrown Global Ambassador: Ravi Lakshmikanthan, Heller’s assistant dean for academic and student services, builds connections for alumni around the world
  • Homelessness is, Foremost, a Housing Problem: Tatjana Meschede reflects on her work on homelessness in the U.S. 

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Summer 2017

  • In the Age of Trump: Faculty from Heller’s academic programs respond to the new presidential administration’s policy agenda
  • Taking Aim at America's Opioid Crisis: How a team of researchers from the Institute for Behavioral Health is pointing policymakers in a more effective direction
  • At the Intersection: Heller's new Executive MBA for Physicians program aims to improve health care by helping doctors take the lead
  • Watch City/La Ciudad de Reloj: Building a dual-immersion language program in Waltham public kindergarten
  • Who's With Me in the Classroom: Professor and Sillerman Center Director Susan Eaton shares the lessons she keeps close to heart that she learned from her former teachers and mentors

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Winter 2016

  • Hacking Bias in the Tech Industry: Freada Kapor Klein, PhD'84, co-founder of Project Include, brings research to bear on diversity and inclusion efforts in Silicon Valley
  • Right in Their Backyard: How three prominent Heller researchers and an alumna lend their strong voices to the cause of affordable housing in their hometown of Newton, Mass.
  • Inside Man: Edwin Pool, MA SID'17, wants to be an agent of change for a sustainable future
  • A Herculean Tradition: The Team Consulting Project comes full circle for one Heller MBA alumna
  • My Journey to Belong and Empower Others to Find Their Space in the World: Tam Emerson, director of the Eli J. Segal Citizen Leadership Program, reflects on her recent visit to Columbia--her first time back since being adopted from Bogotá almost 30 years ago at the age of six months

Summer 2016

  • Neuroscience for Peace
  • On the Ground: And (Social) Justice for All
  • Two Steps Forward, No Steps Back
  • Heart, Soul and Commitment 
  • "While I Ran to War, She Ran From It": The Story of a U.S. Veteran and a Syrian Expatriate

Winter 2016

  • At the Intersection of Race and Disability
  • On the Ground: Dengue Control in Mexico
  • A Distinctive History in Health Care
  • Social Justice Insurrection
  • Inclusive Communities and the Future of Anti-Discrimination Forensics 

Spring/Summer 2015

  • On the Ground: Ebola Response in Liberia
  • The Founding Mother
  • Keeping Up with the Neighbors
  • The Future of Youth Policy
  • Banner Years 

Fall 2014

  • Bridging the Doctor-Patient Disconnect
  • Ruderman Scholars Delve into Disability Challenges
  • Real Lives, Real Dreams
  • A Necessary Hero
  • Protagonists of Change 
  • Helping, In Just the Right Way
  • Big Data, Big Insights into Healthy Aging
  • A Nation Addicted
  • Healing Invisible Scars
  • The Reality of the American Dream

Spring 2014

  • Research, Policy and Action for Seniors and Children
  • Managing Organizations with a Social Mission

Fall 2013

  • Shaping and Examining Policy
  • Advocacy and Education

Summer 2013

  • Citizen Leadership