Admissions and Financial Aid

Summer Institute for Incoming Students

What is the Summer Institute?

The Summer Institute is an online platform built by Heller faculty for incoming students to meet, prepare for courses, and share support resources. It’s free to enroll and is available to all incoming students who have accepted their offer of admission and made a deposit.

Is it mandatory?

No. You can take advantage of every skill-building module or just a few - or none at all! Take what you need, come and go as you please. That said, we think the Summer Institute is a great way to get to know your incoming cohort and brush up on skills before classes truly begin. 

Why should I participate in the Summer Institute?

The average Heller student has been out of school for 8-10 years, and over one-third of our students are from outside the U.S. Maybe you took introductory statistics in college—10 years ago—but it’s a fundamental skill in your Heller degree program. Or perhaps you’ve never taken U.S.-style courses with an academic writing component. Take some of the anxiety out of starting grad school by brushing up on these skills in a low-stakes environment before you arrive. You’ll show up prepared, confident, and ready to engage in every class. 

Starting a grad degree isn’t just about academics. You might also be juggling a move to a new city (or new country!) and trying to find your way. There’s no need to start from scratch: the Summer Institute includes modules with insider information about local housing, transportation, banking, and more. 

Brandeis has a million student resources. From world-class research librarians to online course platforms, to student employment and support services, you’ll want to know about these great opportunities from the start. Get oriented to the many student services and campus systems you’ll need to be successful before you get here. 

Lastly, the Summer Institute offers new and exciting ways for you to virtually engage with fellow incoming students (or even find future roommates) as well as current Heller faculty and students.

Don't take our word for it

“The Heller Summer Institute helped me not only prepare what was to be expected of me from my program, but also gave me a chance to work with my future colleagues and professors.” - Gabrielle Hibbert, SID student

“Before I arrived in the United States I had no idea about the teaching format at Heller. With the Summer Institute I was able to get a feel for Heller’s learning system. I also really liked the assignments and feedback we were given during the course.” - Grace Udotong, COEX student

“As an international student who has been out of school for several years, I was anxious about completing a degree in the U.S. The Summer Institute was not only a helpful refresher, but it also gave me a taste of what studying at Heller will entail. When I arrived at orientation, I felt on top of things. If you're an international student, too, I totally recommend taking advantage of this amazing offering!” - Sonia Niznik, COEX student

“The summer institute made it easier for me to handle my workload as a Heller student. Already being familiar with the career center, the library resources, etc. allowed me to focus on my studies as soon as I arrived.” - Katherine Ponce, MBA/MS-GHPM student