Happy Holidays from Heller!

December 22, 2022

Heller admissions wishes everyone Happy Holidays!

Brief Reflections on my First Semester at Heller

Student Perspectives
December 20, 2022

Calah McQuarters reflects on her first semester at Heller.

Holidays at Heller

Student Perspectives
December 15, 2022

Andy Mendez, MBA/SID '23, shares some of the ways that the community at Heller celebrates the holidays.

3 Reasons Why You Should Schedule an Ambassador Appointment

Student Perspectives
December 13, 2022

Ronunique argues why all prospective student should sign up for ambassador appointments.

Meet My Cohort: Robert Hitt

Student Perspectives
December 06, 2022

Ronunique Clark sits down with one of her classmates, and talks favorite professors, why he chose Heller, and what his plans are for after graduation.

Calah’s Experience Shipping Off to Boston

Student Perspectives
November 29, 2022

Calah McQuarters talks about her experience moving to Boston and offers advice along the way.

Career Center Resources

Student Perspectives
November 15, 2022

Andy Mendez lists just a few of the key services offered in Heller's Career Development Center.

Event Recap: Punishment Culture and the Persistence of Mass Incarceration in Massachusetts

Student Perspectives
November 01, 2022

Ronunique discusses thoughts about a bonus lecture she attended on campus.

Hello, Heller! Calah McQuarters’ Acceptance Story

Student Perspectives
October 24, 2022

Calah McQuarters tells the story of receiving her acceptance for Heller.

Meet My Cohort: Brian Stanley

Student Perspectives
October 20, 2022

Ronunique Clark sits down with a fellow MPP student, to talk about what brought him to Heller, his favorite class so far, and what his plans are for after graduation.

A Letter to My Future Self (to read upon graduation): Brielle Ruscitti

Student Perspectives
October 13, 2022

Brielle Ruscitti pens a letter to her future self.

Andy’s Advice to Maximizing your Time at Professional Conferences

Career Development
October 11, 2022

Andy Mendez offers advice on how to get the most out of professional conferences.

Meet My Cohort: Hannah Wilcove

Student Perspectives
October 06, 2022

Ronunique Clark sits down with her classmate to talk about what brought her to Heller, some of her favorite classes, and her plans for after graduation.

Hello Heller! Brielle Ruscitti’s Acceptance Story

Admitted Students
September 29, 2022

Brielle Ruscitti tells the story of receiving her acceptance for Heller.

Health at Heller

September 27, 2022

Amanda Miller talks about the options to study health at Heller within different programs.

Meet My Cohort: Katherine Gagen

Student Perspectives
September 22, 2022

Ronunique Clark sits down with one of her classmates in the MPP program to talk about what brought her to Heller, some favorite classes during her time here, and her plans for after she graduates.

Best Study Spaces, Part 2

September 15, 2022

Andy Mendez continues her list of best places to study, this time in the Waltham area.

My Summer Internship Story

Career Development
September 13, 2022

Ronunique Clark shares what she's been up to this summer!

A Letter to My Future Self (to read upon graduation): Brielle Ruscitti

Career Development
September 01, 2022

Brielle reflects on how she hopes she'll feel when graduating and what she hopes to accomplish by that time

Andy’s Best Study Spaces, Part 1

Student Perspectives
August 30, 2022

Andy Mendez gives her take on the best places to study on the Brandeis campus.

Flash Forward: What are Heller graduates doing right now?

August 16, 2022

Amanda Miller gives a career update on some past Heller graduates.

Andy’s Second Year Fall Schedule

Student Perspectives
August 09, 2022

Andy talks about her Fall semester as a dual Social Impact MBA/MA SID student.

Ariel’s Advice for Getting the Most out of Heller

Student Perspectives
July 28, 2022

Ariel Wexler gives advice on how to maximize the student experience at Heller.

Daniella’s Got a New Job!

Career Development
July 26, 2022

Daniella Levine discusses how her MPP courses at Heller prepared her for her new job.

Ariel Wexler’s Favorite Class: Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Student Perspectives
July 19, 2022

Ariel Wexler discusses her favorite class at Heller.

Get Involved! The Value of Student Working Groups

Student Perspectives
July 12, 2022

Andy Mendez talks about the value of being a part of Heller student working groups.

Daniella’s Internship Experience

Career Development
July 07, 2022

Daniella Levine talks about her experience as a summer policy intern.

Guide to Resources for Incoming International Students

Admitted Students
July 05, 2022

Amanda Miller shares campus resources for incoming international students.

A Letter to My Past Self on Her First Day at Heller: Ariel Wexler

Student Perspectives
June 28, 2022

Ariel Wexler pens a letter to her past self.

Andy’s Team Consulting Experience Part II

June 23, 2022

Andy Mendez chronicles her experience during the Social Impact MBA Team Consulting Project.

Graduation Day with Ariel Wexler

Student Perspectives
June 14, 2022

Ariel Wexler talks about her graduation day experience.

My Team Consulting Project Experience

June 09, 2022

Andy Mendez gives us a peek into the Team Consulting Project experience.

Moving to Boston? Put These On Your To-Do List

Admitted Students
June 07, 2022

Amanda Miller gives some recommendations for places to visit in the Waltham and Boston area!

Congratulating… The Heller Class of 2022!

May 19, 2022

Amanda Miller offers congratulations her to the Heller Class of 2022 and bids farewell to two Heller Admission's Graduate Assistants.

5 Item Bucket List for Summer 2022

Student Perspectives
May 03, 2022

Ronunique lists her top 5 bucket list items she hopes to accomplish during Summer 2022.

Happy Birthday, Heller Admissions Blog!

April 28, 2022

Amanda Miller gives stats on the Heller blog for its 2-year anniversary.

Five Fast Facts about Interim Dean, Maria Madison

April 21, 2022

Amanda Miller gives a few fact facts about Heller's new interim Dean.

Daniella’s Top Ten Reasons to Choose Heller

April 19, 2022

Daniella Levine gives her top 10 reasons a prospective student should choose Heller.

An Open Letter to Accepted Students

Admitted Students
April 12, 2022

Hannah Plumb writes a letter to newly accepted Heller students.

My Experience as a First Generation Student

Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity
April 05, 2022

Ronunique Clark talks about her experience attending graduate school as a first-generation college student.

Expect the Unexpected

Financial Aid
March 22, 2022

Amanda Miller gives advice on how to prepare for graduate school.

A Year of Virtual Learning, As Told By Hannah Lougheed’s Laptop

March 08, 2022

Hannah Lougheed discusses her experience with virtual learning at Heller.

A Spoon Full of Sugar / Applied Regression Analysis

Student Perspectives
February 17, 2022

Hannah Lougheed talks about overcoming the fear of new challenges in the classroom.

Happy Black History Month!

Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity
February 10, 2022

To celebrate Black History Month, Ronunique Clark shares information on three Black Women that inspire her.

Dealing with COVID-19 as a Graduate Student

Student Perspectives
January 27, 2022

Ronunique talks about her experience being in graduate school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Broccoli and Potatoes

Student Perspectives
January 25, 2022

Hannah Lougheed gives instructions on how to cook her go to grad school meal.

Event Recap: Gender Working Group Open Mic Night

Student Perspectives
January 18, 2022

Hannah Plumb recounts her time at the Gender Working Group Open Mic Night.

Financing Graduate School as a First Generation Graduate Student

Financial Aid
January 04, 2022

Ronunique Clark gives advice on how to find financial aid for your graduate school journey.