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Healthcare Management

Become an expert in the field at a top-ranked graduate school in health policy and management

The healthcare management concentration prepares students to make an impact in today’s complex, ever-changing U.S. healthcare landscape. Whether you’re interested in addressing healthcare disparities, developing strategies for cost reduction, or improving care delivery through effective operations management, the healthcare management concentration from Heller will give you the expertise and insights you need to have an impact in this critical, growing industry. 

Students in this concentration engage in rigorous coursework and pursue career-building opportunities through internships, fellowships, and team consulting projects, putting them in an immediate position to take their careers to the next level. Graduates of the healthcare management concentration are prepared to become leaders, researchers, analysts or advisors in healthcare agencies, nonprofit organizations or consultancies.

Concentration Chair: Cindy Parks Thomas, PhD’00

“Heller has a deep bench of health care faculty who are thought leaders and subject matter experts with significant practical experience and track records as health care managers and policy makers. Combining the academic with the practice is what makes this concentration truly distinct - these professors not only create new knowledge, owing to a long history of conducting health policy and management research, they also understand the practice of health care management. The healthcare management concentration is ideal for current and future leaders who are passionate about high value health care.”

The Schneider Institutes for Health Policy and Research

Students in the healthcare management concentration benefit from access to the Schneider Institutes for Health Policy and Research, which include the Institute on Healthcare Systems, the Institute for Behavioral Health as well as the Institute for Global Health and Development. The Schneider Institutes examine a variety of issues in the U.S. healthcare system, including access, quality, healthcare delivery and utilization, and cost.

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