Current Students


Registration and Enrollment

At the start of each semester there is an “open enrollment” period. For the Fall Semester, this usually starts in mid-August and ends in mid-September. During this time, you may freely add or drop courses through Sage. Keep in mind that your ability to add or drop a course may be limited by:

  • class size – You might not be able to enroll in a course because it has reached its maximum size 
  • consent – A course may require the consent of the instructor; this can be for a variety of reasons 
  • restricted enrollment – A course may be listed as “MBA only,” for example
  • non-Heller course – Signing up for courses at other Brandeis schools usually requires a paper form
  • prerequisites – Even though Sage may permit you to enroll in a given course, if the course has a prerequisite that you have not taken, you will be asked to drop the course
  • holds – Having any hold on your account will prevent you from registering, adding or dropping courses until the hold is removed. A hold can only be removed by the department responsible for placing it (Student Financial Services, Health Services, or ISSO).

After the close of open enrollment, you must complete the paper ADD/DROP/AUDIT form to add or drop a class.

Auditing – Students wishing to enroll in a course as an auditor or change their grading option to Audit must:

  • Complete the paper ADD/DROP/AUDIT form and submit with the instructor’s signature or with an email attached which explicitly states consent to audit.
  • Submit paperwork within the deadline to do so as determined by the Academic Calendar.
  • Maintain attendance in the course and any other stipulations made by the professor.
  • NOTE: If you enroll as an auditor and do not attend class, you will receive an Incomplete on your transcript.

Students may add and drop classes freely (space and restrictions permitting) during the Open Enrollment Period at the beginning of each semester. Once Open Enrollment is closed, adding and dropping classes is accomplished by completing an Add/Drop Form prior to the add/drop deadline.

How-to Guide to Registering in Sage

Refund Policy

It is important to note that the only fee that may be refundable in part is the tuition fee.

For full semester-long courses:

  • Before the opening day of instruction through the last day of registration = 100% refund
  • On or before the fifth Friday following the opening of instruction = 50% refund
  • After the fifth Friday of class = No refund

For module courses:

  • On or before the second Friday of instruction = 100%
  • After the second Friday of instruction = No refund

Student Tips and Best Practices

  • ALWAYS READ EMAILS WITH [REGISTRATION] or [SAGE] in the subject heading.
  • Each program has a minimum number of credits per semester (not full year) – it is your responsibility to maintain good standing. A shortage of credits could affect your graduation date.
  • You do not earn credits when auditing a class.
  • Auditing a class requires enrollment with instructor’s written consent AND attendance. If you enroll as an auditor and do not attend class, you will receive an Incomplete on your transcript.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Academic Calendar and Important Dates.


The Heller School has cross-registration agreements with Babson University, Bentley University School of Business Administration, Boston College, Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Regis College, and Tufts University.

To enroll in a graduate course at one of the host institutions, a student should obtain a Graduate Cross-Registration Course Form from the University Registrar. This is a three part form requiring consent and signatures from:

  • The Course Instructor at the Host School
  • The Registrar’s Office at the Host School
  • A Personnel from the Brandeis University Registrar’s Office

The final signed form has three pages (carbon copied). Students should leave the yellow page with the Registrar’s office at the host school. The pink copy is the student's. The final signed and completed form (top white page) should be returned to the University Registrar’s office in Kutz Hall, otherwise the course will not appear on your SAGE course schedule.

Adding and dropping cross-registered courses follow Brandeis University’s Academic Calendar deadlines.

Eligibility for Cross-Registration:

A full-time graduate student at the Heller School may enroll in one graduate-level course per term (excluding the summer term) at any one of these institutions. Information on courses for cross-registration at each of the host institutions is available at the graduate school office of each institution.

A student who wishes to enroll in a course at one of these institutions should consult with the instructor in the particular course and should expect to satisfy the prerequisites and requirements normally required for admission to the course, including adherence to the academic calendar of that course.

Any part-time graduate student in a degree program is allowed to participate in cross-registration. Students may only take one cross-registration course a semester, and are required to take at least one Brandeis course in addition to the cross-registered course. Students may not exceed taking the equivalent of one cross-registration course per semester of residency.

Cross-registration in undergraduate level courses requires special written permission from Program Directors of a student’s degree program. It is the student's responsibility to obtain permission to apply the credits towards graduation. Often, supplemental work is expected by the student’s degree program. Please consult your advisor before pursuing credit for an undergraduate course.

Due to differences in academic calendars among the colleges in the consortium, it is not advisable for degree candidates to enroll in a cross-registered course in their final semester.