Current Students

Social Impact MBA Concentrations

Professor Brenda Anderson lectures a group of MBA students.

In addition to the MBA core curriculum, all Heller MBA students have the option to select a concentration that enables them to develop expertise in a particular arena. Each of these concentrations leverages the assets of Heller, a world-renowned school of social policy, to deliver state-of-the-art management knowledge in these areas.

MBA in Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing

The social entrepreneurship and impact investing concentration prepares future business leaders for the challenges of our interconnected world. Students gain the skills needed to lead social impact initiatives. Graduates emerge ready to address global challenges, from founding socially missioned organizations to managing impact investment portfolios.

MBA in Nonprofit Management

The nonprofit management concentration equips students with specialized skills in leadership, fundraising, and social entrepreneurship for impactful roles in nonprofit settings. Graduates are prepared to lead in diverse mission-driven organizations, from grassroots initiatives to large nonprofits.

MBA in Healthcare Management

The healthcare management concentration prepares students for impactful roles in the dynamic U.S. healthcare sector, offering expertise in addressing disparities, cost reduction strategies, and effective operations management. Graduates ready to lead, research, analyze, or advise in healthcare agencies, nonprofits, or consultancies.

MBA in Public Management

The public management concentration appeals to students aspiring to drive positive change in government at local, state, and federal levels. Students gain theoretical and applied knowledge in public sector essentials, such as resource procurement, policy implementation, and government budgeting. Graduates are positioned to lead in various public sector organizations, from local councils to state agencies, equipped with the skills to navigate the complexities of government leadership.

MBA in Sustainable Development

The sustainable development concentration offers future leaders a foundation in sustainable development concepts and methods, combining financial and organizational management training with a global perspective on addressing social problems. Graduates emerge ready to lead in domestic and international organizations focused on diverse areas, including poverty alleviation, community development, healthcare, and environmental conservation. 

MBA in Child, Youth and Family Services Management

The CYF concentration centers on understanding the diverse programs and policies influencing family and community life, covering social, political, and economic changes. Students gain expertise in system and program design, organizational development, and social capital, preparing them for leadership roles in organizations dedicated to the health and well-being of children, youth, and families. Graduates are positioned for immediate career advancement, equipped for roles such as managers, program planners, evaluators, policy analysts, researchers, and educators.