Campus Contacts

Heller Office of the Dean

Joanne Beswick, MS'12
Executive Administrator and Assistant to the Dean
(781) 736-3939

Brandeis University Events

Kayla Balzer, University Events
(781) 736-4300

Heller School Office of Communications

Bethany Romano, MBA'17
Director of Communications

Brandeis University Event Operations

Carolyn Croisier, Director of University Events
(781) 736-4300

Brandeis Catering (Brandeis Hospitality)

(781) 736-4331

Brandeis Office of Communications

(781) 736-4200

  • Creative Services (for invitations, posters, flyers, programs, etc.)

    Jessica Quirk, Production Manager
    (781) 736-4195

  • Media Relations - BrandeisNOW

    Julie Jette,  Director,  Media Relations

    Email to add an event on BrandeisNOW

Media Technology Services

(781) 736-4632

Tim O’Neil, Associate Director

Chris Anderson, Video Systems Specialist

Note: Staff/Faculty interested in borrowing a laptop from Goldfarb Library should contact Matt Burton.

Facilities Services

(781) 736-4385

*In case of a facilities emergency, call one of the following numbers:
Between 9 AM-5 PM (781) 736-8500
Before or After hours (781) 736-5000
Bill Bushey 781-736-4364
Note: For temperature control issues at Heller, contact Facilities.

Brandeis Public Safety

Matthew Rushton, Chief of Public Safety

  • Campus Safety Business Line (non-emergency)
    (781) 736-5000
  • Emergency
    (781) 736-3333
  • Parking Office
    (781) 736-4250
  • Bette Reilly
    (781) 736-4244
    Note: For Heller School building access
    (2-3 days advance notice for weekends)