Current Students

Academic Support

Professional Writing Support

All students in Heller’s three international degree programs are required to pass the Core Competency and Professional Writing before graduating or moving on to their second year. During orientation, students in the MA COEX, MA SID and MS Programs submit a proctored writing sample which is read by an outside development professional. Students passing the core competency at that time are exempted from the fall semester course in Professional Writing. All other students are required to enroll in this 2 credit course. At the end of the course, in early December, students are given another opportunity to pass the core competency. During the course, students work with the professor (a professional development writer) as well as with peer tutors.

On a case by case basis, students in other degree programs may qualify to be assigned a peer writing tutor as well.

The University Writing Center

All students are encouraged to make appointments at the University Writing Center where they can work on all stages of a writing project. The Center generally opens about the third week of August.

ESL Support

Students in Heller’s fall semester writing course have access to tutors who can support them in both professional writing (structure/clarity/use of evidence/strength of argument) as well as ESL related issues such as basic grammar and vocabulary.

On a case by case basis students in other degree programs may qualify to be assigned a peer ESL/grammar tutor as well. If you have ESL challenges or concerns, meet with Student Services staff who can help you design and implement a plan to improve your written English, sharpen your listening skills and build vocabulary.

Academic Support and Counseling

Students can reach out to their academic advisers, program coordinators, and faculty members at any time.

New students meet with assigned faculty advisers who help with course selection and orientation to Heller academics. Students are also welcome to speak with any and all of their professors during office hours, where they can find mentorship.

Students are encouraged to get to know their committed and approachable Program Administrators. Students are also encouraged to meet with their Associate and Program Directors. The entire staff is ready to help with all kinds of academic and personal support.

Students can also make an appointment with Student Services to explore tools to help them make the most of their time in graduate school. There are also workshop format supports, including:

  • Reading for Meaning and Efficiency
  • Citation Management and Brandeis Library resources
  • Introduction to the Brandeis Counseling Services and managing stress