Current Students

MBA Program

Contact Information

Program Administration

Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld
Director, MBA Program
Schneider 202

Michael Appell, MA'79
Assistant Director, MBA Program
Heller-Brown 346

Elena Lewis
Program Manager, MBA Program
Director, Equity, Inclusion and Diversity
Schneider 119

Rosella Carrelli
Senior Dept. Coordinator, MBA Program
Schneider 112

Concentration Chairs

Child, Youth, and Family Services Management (CYF)
Marji Erickson Warfield, PhD'91
Heller-Brown 350, 781-736-3833

Health Care Management
Cindy Thomas, PhD'00
Schneider 216, 781-736-3921

Nonprofit Management
Michael Appell
Heller 346, 781-736-3897

Public Management
Brenda Anderson
Schneider 205, 781-736-8423

Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing
Michael Appell
Heller 346, 781-736-3897

Sustainable Development
Joseph Assan
Heller-Brown 154, 781-736-3989

Important Documents

Individual Learning Plan (ILP) Forms by Concentration (Full-Time MBAs)

The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is a tool to help you plan your overall coursework at Heller and ensure that you fulfill the requirements for your degree. ILPs can be amended and it is even possible to change concentrations, provided there is still time to get all the courses required for the new concentration. Students should meet with their advisors at the beginning of each semester to go over the ILP. The ILP, signed by the student and the advisor, needs to be submitted to the MBA Program Administrator two days before the end of the registration period.

Child, Youth and Family Services Management (CYF)

Healthcare Management

Public Management

Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Management

Sustainable Development

Dual MBA and COEX

Dual Degree with MPP beginning with the MBA

Dual MBA and SID

Dual MBA and MS - Health Systems Concentration

Dual MBA and MS - STEM Concentration

Policies and Procedures

Heller Course Descriptions