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Student Perspectives
April 23, 2024

Brielle's Reflections on her Letter to her Future Self

Brielle Ruscitti, MS GHPM/MA SID '24 reflects on the letter she wrote to her future self way back in October 2022.

Admitted Students
April 16, 2024

A Letter to My Past Self: Danielle's First Day of Heller Edition

Danielle Lund writes a letter to her past self on her first day of Heller and shares what she wished she had known then.

April 02, 2024

I am an MIT student now! (Kind of)

Not an April Fool's Joke! In this post, Calah McQuarters, MBA/MPP '24, talks about taking classes at MIT through the Consortium!

Student Perspectives
March 14, 2024

Extracurriculars at Brandeis!

Serina Herron-Smith, MA SID'24, guides you through your first year of graduate school by talking about all the ways to socialize and network on campus.

Student Perspectives
March 07, 2024

This Is Not the End, It's the Beginning

As Calah McQuarters, MBA/MPP '24, begins to work on her capstone, she reflects on what it means to her to work on this culminating paper.

Career Development
March 05, 2024

Event Recap: Heller Alumni Networking Event 2023

Serina Herron-Smith, MA SID'24, shares her experience attending one of Heller's Alumni Networking events.

Student Perspectives
March 05, 2024

Kicking Off Women’s History Month

March is Women's History Month! To begin the month, Brielle Ruscitti, MS GHPM/MA SID '24, shares some of the women that inspire her.

Admitted Students
February 27, 2024

Hello Heller! Danielle Lund's Acceptance Story

Introducing our newest Heller blog writer, Danielle Lund, MA in Sustainable International Development/MA in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence'24! In her first post, Danielle tells the story of receiving her acceptance for Heller.

February 20, 2024

Heller Course Highlight: Causal Inference and Machine Learning in Studies Using Observational Data

Brielle Ruscitti, MS GHPM/MA SID '24, highlights one of the classes that she's taking this spring within the PhD program.

Student Perspectives
February 13, 2024

Managing Your Time As A Grad Student

As the spring semester starts to get hectic, Serina Herron-Smith, MA SID'24, shares her tips for prioritizing your goals and managing burn-out.

Student Perspectives
February 08, 2024

Sample Class Schedule for an SID Student

In this piece, Serina Herron-Smith, MA SID'24, shares which classes she took for Fall 2023's module one.

Career Development
February 06, 2024

Looking Ahead to Graduation

Calah McQuarters, MBA/MPP '24, shares what she's doing to prepare for her graduation.

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