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Past Team Consulting Projects

An MBA student presenting her Team Consulting Project.

2022 Team Consulting Projects


Project Description

Atrium Health

MedCenter Air Operations

Atrium Health

Relational Coordination at MedCenter Air

Belize Women's Seaweed Farmer's Association (with facilitation support from The Nature Conservancy)

Refining BWSFA's Governance Structure

Climate Remediation Foundation

Climate Remediation Foundation: Socially Responsible Offsets Feasibility Study: Textiles

Climate Remediation Foundation

Climate Remediation Foundation: Socially Responsible Offsets Feasibility Study: Coffee

Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston

Becoming Best in Class: An Evaluation of Combined Jewish Philanthropies' Donor Advised Fund Program

The Flavor Continues

The Flavor Continues Growth Opportunities

Hebrew College

Hebrew College Compensation Benchmark and Analysis: Ensuring an Equitable Future

Jobs for the Future

Improving Resource Management: Costs and Considerations for Implementing Lower Staff Utilization Rates

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Improving Surgical Patient Safety through Pre-Operative Workflow Standardization and Optimization: Analysis and Recommendations for Lahey Hospital & Medical Center 

Tufts Medical Center Critical Care Outpatient Clinic

Value Analysis of Critical Care Outpatient Clinic

Tufts Medical Center Gastroenterology Outpatient Clinic

Exploring Scheduling Efficiency and Patient No-Shows at Tufts Outpatient Gastroenterology Clinic

2021 Team Consulting Projects


Project Description

Boston Cyclists Union

Power in Numbers: Toward an Evidence-Based Membership Model for the Boston Cyclists Union

Chica Bean (Ecommerce Marketing)

Chica Bean’s E-commerce Marketing Strategy: From the Grounds Up

Chica Bean (Impact Metrics)

Brewing Chica Bean’s Internal Impact Metrics Toolkit

City of Cambridge

Review and Enhancement of Fiscal Procedures in the City of Cambridge Community Development Department

Congenial Healthcare

Congenial Healthcare: Growth
Strategy Optimization

Gann Academy

Gap Year at Gann Academy: A Feasibility Study

Lahey Ophthalmology

Evaluating the Value of Telehealth in the Lahey Ophthalmology Department


Growing Mensch: Increasing Capacity and Funds for Social Justice Mobilization in South Africa

Metropolitan Area Planning Council

Making the Necessary Possible: Exploring Municipal Virtual Power Purchase Agreements for MAPC

Newton Community Pride (Economic Impact Report)

The Economic Impact of the Arts & Culture Community in the City of Newton

Newton Cultural Alliance (Feasibility Study)

Opening the Door for Collaborative Arts Spaces in the City of Newton: A Feasibility Study for the Newton Cultural Alliance


Building Structure in a Creative Environment: The Formalization of Revels’ HR Processes and Operations

Social Capital Inc.

Development of a Management Information System for Social Capital Inc.

Strong Women Strong Girls

A Plan to Expand: Tools for Assessing Effective and Impactful Scaling of SWSG Mentorship Program

215 People’s Alliance

A Strategic Evaluation and Development of a Strategic Partnership Assessment Tool for the 215 People's Alliance

2020 Team Consulting Projects


Project Description


Maximizing the Impact of Medical Assistants & Meeting Process Care Metrics

CHA Co-Nurse Visits 

Nursing Co-Visits at Cambridge Health Alliance: A New Way to Deliver Care

CHA Telehealth

Planning a Tele-Health Approach to Improve Access & Outcomes for Patients in Primary Care at the Cambridge Health Alliance

Lahey Ophthalmology Department

Optimizing Remote Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy at an Already Outstanding Tertiary Eye Center


Overlooked, Underfunded, Undefeated: Addressing the Persistent Inequity in Access to Capital for Founders of Color and Women with Reinventure Capital

City of Boston

On the Rise: Tools for Assessing the Feasibility of Housing with Public Assets in Boston

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

Cultivating Collaboration: Recommendations for the Massachusetts Food System


Revitalizing Financial Flows: Africano's Journey to Diversifying and Strengthening Revenue Streams


Refining Mission, Defining Structure and Identifying Impact

Mass Audubon

Mass Audubon: Mapping Pathways to Carbon Neutrality

New Art Center

Sustainability at the New Art Center: Rethinking Tuition Pricing Amid a Shifting Environment

Town of Brookline

Strengthening Brookline’s Financial Position: A Re-Balanced Revenue Approach

Planned Parenthood

Improving Reproductive Health in MetroWest

 JVS Boston

Balancing Core Business & Consultation Requests


Expanding the Field of Jewish Women's Leadership: Engagement, Programming, and Branding with Jewish Women International (JWI)

2019 Team Consulting Projects


Project Description


Sustaining Growth for BAM Fest, Inc.: Defining Values for the City of Boston

City of Chelsea

Improving Municipal Safeguards and Operations: Assessing Fraud Prevention Initiatives and Online Payment Implementation for the City of Chelsea

Combined Jewish Philanthropies

Co-Creating Jewish Experiences: How CIP Can Engage Russian-Speaking Jews in Greater Boston

Congenial Healthcare, LLC

Congenial Healthcare, LLC: Reimaging Primary Care

Fathers' Uplift

Fathers' Uplift: Forging Ahead


Taking the Lead on Foster Care: Becoming a Data Driven and Learning Organization

MAVEN Project

Increasing Utilization of The MAVEN Project's Telehealth Platform to Reduce Extraneous Specialist Referrals

Merrimack Volley Academy

Merrimack Volley: A Nonprofit Toolkit for Success


Strategic Supply Chain Engagement: Influencing International Agribusinesses' Environmental Sustainability and Human Rights Practices

Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Assessing the Costs of Clinical Research at Tufts

Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Reducing Missed Research Apointments for the Tufts Clinical and Translational Research Center

2018 Team Consulting Projects


Project Description

Cambridge Health Alliance

Defining and Addressing the No-Show Challenge in Primary Care at Cambridge Health Alliance

Cambridge Health Alliance

Optimizing Discharge Processes at Cambridge Health Alliance Child Psych Units

Camp Ramah in New England

Ramah Day Camp of Greater Washington, D.C.


Increasing Unrestricted Revenue by Enhancing the Ceres Membership Experience

Education for Sharing

Creating an Organizational Strategy for a Latin American Youth NGO Seeking US Implementation

Haverhill Promise

Haverhill Promise, Next Steps for Early Literacy

Highland Healthcare Associates IPA

How Team-Based Care Affects Burnout

Mil Milagros

Making the Case for Corporate Engagement: A Pathway to Corporate Awareness and Financial Support for Mil Milagros

Mystic Valley Urology Associates

Navigating the Transition to Value-based Care

REACH Beyond Domestic Violence

Centering Equity and Collaboration: HR Systems and Structures to Support Long-Term Sustainability


Deepening Value: Clarifying Impact for Strategic Positioning

Tufts Medical Center Cancer Center

The Trend from Infusion-based to Oral Oncolytics in the Delivery of Cancer Care

Tufts Medical Center Physicians Organization

Tufts Medical Center: Physician Compensation

2017 Team Consulting Projects


Project Description

Boston Youth Wrestling

Boston Youth Wrestling: Stabilization & Evaluation for Sustainable Growth

City of Haverhill

A Prospect for Haverhill: Performance-Based Budgeting for a Better Tomorrow

Eden Village Camp

"Eden Village": Growing the Governance Model

Entrepreneurship for All

Helping Ventures Survive the Long-Haul: Impact Assessment and Alumni Engagement 


Guiding the Epic Model: A Strategic Path to Developing Organizational Capacity

Friends of Fort Point Channel

Effective Governance for Effective Stewardship

Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island

The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island: Aligning Organizational Identity

InnerCity Weightlifting

Growing ICW's Revenue Streams to Support Expansion to Seaport


Demonstrating the Value of Simulation Training: A Study of Housekeeping Staff at Lahey Hospital

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center: Operating Room Block Schedule Redesign

Onduo (a joint venture of Google Life and Sciences and Sanofi)

Understanding PCPs Willingness and Capability to Adopt a Technology-Enabled Diabetes Disease Management Solution

2016 Team Consulting Projects


Project Description

Boston Schools Fund

Managing a Growing Portfolio: Building a Community of Practice to Support and Connect Education Leaders

Cambridge Health Alliance

Mission-Driven Growth in CHA Optical Shop

City of Somerville

Growing Capacity: A Financial, Operational and Metrics Analysis of the Somerville Mobile Farmer's Market

Lahey Health Systems - Primary Care

Lahey Primary Care Practice Redesign: Helping Lahey Health Reinvent the Future of Primary Care

Lahey Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic

Optimizing Care Delivery: An Operational Anthroplasty of the Lahey Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic

Mayyim Hayyim

A Rising Tide: Helping Mayyim Hayyim Envision a National Network of Community Mikvehs

Mount Auburn Hospital Emergency Department

Evaluation of Patient Flow at Mount Auburn Hospital's Emergency Department: Reducing Wait Times and Improving Patient Satisfaction Scores

Mount Auburn Telemedicine

Mount Auburn Telemedicine: An Investment in the Future

99Degrees Custom

Compensation as a Catalyst for Innovation and Sustainable Growth

Nuestra Comunidad

Vital Signs for Healthy Communities: Helping a Community Development Corporation Measure Impact

Regen Haiti Supply

Supply Chain Analysis for Agribusiness in Haiti: the Role of Smallholder Farmers in the Value Chain

Regen Haiti Demand

Regen Demand and Marketing Analysis

The Samfund

What Can I Do to Help? Developing Systems to Maximize Volunteer Efficiency

Tao Foundation for Culture and Arts

Many Cultures, One People: The Story of the Tao Foundation for Culture and Arts

Urban Farming Institute

UFI is Growing UPP (Urban Space, People and Produce): Positioning a Small Nonprofit to Leverage New Assets

Yad Chessed

Extending the Hands of Loving Kindness: Outreach Recommendations fo Yad Chessed

2015 Team Consulting Projects


Project Description

31 Bits

Combining Fashion and Business to Achieve Social Change: A Consulting Project for 31 Bits

Adventures in Learning

Adventures in Learning: Achieving Organizational Alignment and Financial Sustainability

Brush with Bamboo

Strategic Planning and Marketing Support for the Marino Center for Integrative Health

Cambridge Health Alliance

Cost Benefit Analysis of Hallus Valgus Surgery

City of Leominster, MA

Positioning Leominster for Business Growth: A Marketing Strategy for the City of Leominster

City of Somerville, MA

Strengthening the City of Somerville’s Municipal Workforce: An Assessment of the Recruitment, Retention, and Culture of Non-Union Managers

Institute for Pediatric Innovation

Pediatric Drug Reformulations: Possible Candidate and Strategy Implementation


Biospecimen Solid Tissue Market Research for iSpecimen


iTeam Presents: Solutions that Don’t Break the Biobank

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Right Care, Right Place, Right Time: Strategies to Increase Tertiary Care Cases at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Lahey Ophthalmology

Improving Patient Experience in the Department of Ophthalmology at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Lahey Otolaryngology

Improving Clinical Operations in the Department of Otolaryngology at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Bringing Israel Engagement Online: MySababa's Response to the Post-Birthright Challenge

New Leadership Collaborative

Leadership from the Ground Up: Creating the New Leadership Collaborative

Nuestra Comunidad

Leading from a Place of Strength: Mergers as a Strategic Tool for Nuestra Comunidad

Tufts Ambulatory Surgery

Establishing a Separate Ambulatory Surgical Set-up

Tufts Ambulatory Surgery In-House Project

Envisioning the Future of Ambulatory Surgery at Tufts Medical Center: Maximizing Operational Efficiency in a Fluid World of Changing Reimbursement Models

Vilna Shul

From Hidden Gem to Crown Jewel: Envisioning a Future for the Vilna Shul, Boston's Center for Jewish Culture

YouthBuild USA/Jobs for the Future

MyBestBets: Where Mission Meets Market

MBA students sitting together in the Heller library.