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Constance Horgan

Since the Heller School began, both faculty and students have studied mental and substance use disorders. Formalized in 2003, IBH focuses on the intersection of health, behavior, and systems of care, with an emphasis on their linkages. Its underlying premise is that these systems can be better used to promote healthier lifestyles and assist individuals to engage in behaviors which lead to better health.

Our focus is broadening to include other issues that are affected by behaviors which can be targeted by interventions and have an impact on health and wellness. In addition to studying systems of care, we investigate health outcomes that are associated with behaviors, and also develop and test methods to evaluate the effects of behaviors on health.

We consider a variety of systems of care, including health care delivery, as well as criminal justice, education, social services, housing, military and the workplace.

We hope that you find this site useful as you learn more about our research staff and our activities in behavioral health.

Constance M. Horgan, ScD, Director

Look for us at upcoming conferences

Addiction Health Services Research (AHSR)

2019 Addiction Health Services Research (AHSR) Conference

October 16-19, 2019 
Park City, Utah                                                                                                                                       

American Public Health Association (APHA)

APHA 2019 Annual Meeting 

November 2-6, 2019 
Philadelphia, PA                                                                                                                        

American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)

The ASAM 51st Annual Conference - Innovations in Addiction Medicine & Science

April 2-5, 2020 
Denver, CO

IBH Activities

Rachel Sayko Adams, PhD'13

Health Affairs special Issue on the Military Health System

Rachel Sayko Adams, Erich J. Dietrich, Joshua C. Gray, Charles S. Milliken, Natalie Moresco, Mary Jo Larson. (2019) Post-Deployment Screening in the Military Health System: An Opportunity to Intervene for Possible Alcohol Use Disorder. Health Affairs, 38(8): Military Health System, 1298-1306.

2019 Bob Ray Partnership Award

Margot Davis, PhD'08, was chosen for the award because of her lifetime commitment to developing and measuring interventions to better serve impoverished and marginalized communities. She has researched addiction policy, the impact of faith-based programs, and more recently, the effectiveness of a rapid re-housing program for homeless young adults.  Presenting the award is Joe Finn, President and Executive Director of Mass Housing and Shelter Alliance. 

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Sharon Reif

Award from NIDILRR

Sharon Reif, PhD'02, PI, has received a three-year, $1.5 million grant from the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) to study opioid use disorder (OUD) among people with disabilities in the United States. The project combines expertise from two of Heller’s research institutes: IBH and the Lurie Institute for Disability Policy.