• We create accessible publications that guide funding in social justice areas and explore just, socially responsible philanthropic practice.
  • We design and host free educational programming, webinars, strategy sessions and other gatherings for funders, their advisors and nonprofit leaders.
  • We teach courses, fund fellowships, mentor students and host guest speakers for the Heller-Brandeis community.
  • We collaborate with numerous community-based groups, university-based philanthropy centers, social justice funders and national networks to build strategy, co-sponsor events and long-term projects and to support and learn from each other’s work.
Philanthropy Massachusetts has created a Disaster and Emergency Relief Resource List due to the COVID-19 crisis. This list will be constantly updated and is extremely useful for funders and individuals looking to provide thoughtful resources to our communities. Please stay safe and take care of one another.

Next Generation Commemoration: Philanthropy's Past, Present, and Future Roles

Through this brief, we explore how grantmaker support for contemporary removals and reimaginings of commemorative landscapes can help put several communities on a road to civic repair.

The Index Explosion

The purpose of this report is to assist the philanthropic community in using the large and growing number of publicly available indexes and rankings that measure a variety of social conditions and challenges that concern funders in the United States. This report was published in collaboration with PhilanthropyworRx.

Sillerman Center 2022 Fellowship Application Now Available!

The 2022 Sillerman Summer Fellowship Application is now available! Sillerman will offer up to four fellowships to enable eligible students to work at foundations, philanthropic serving organizations, funder affinity groups, or funder networks anywhere in the U.S. Applications are due on February 18, 2022.

Social Justice & Philanthropy: Purpose, Practice, and Problems

This Spring Semester 2022 course will enable students to make grants to local nonprofit organizations by simulating a foundation. Students will learn about the ongoing development of social justice philanthropy practices and the history, evolution, and complexities of philanthropy in the US. 
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Our long-term ongoing projects provide learning opportunities for grantmakers and foster community building among funders, scholars and community leaders.
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Our publications explore contemporary issues in philanthropy, provide guidance and resources to socially concerned grantmakers and illuminate equitable, democratic philanthropic practice.
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Each year, we select up to three eligible Heller students and help to place them in paid philanthropy-related summer internships.