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Dual and Joint Degrees

If you’re looking for a way to customize your graduate education and expand your job prospects, Heller has options for you. We offer a variety of dual and joint degrees both within the Heller School and beyond. Whether your goal is to enter the nonprofit world, work for a government agency or even start your own social venture, Heller degrees offer you the wide-ranging knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

Many of our Master’s degree programs have dual degree options. You can decide to apply to both directly, or add a second degree after you’ve started at Heller. Our advisors will work with you to set you on an academic path that works for you.

Don’t see a combination that suits your interests? Talk to an admissions representative about what you’d like to do—we’re constantly expanding our options at Heller.

Why choose a dual degree?

  • Expand your career opportunities: Compete for jobs in both fields, or discover a role that takes advantage of your experience with both degrees.
  • Maximize your time at Heller: Dual degree students often earn both degrees in just two years—minimizing their time out of the workforce.
  • Make a bigger impact: Use your complementary skill sets to position yourself strategically, serving as a bridge between those in different sectors.
  • Increase your network: Develop lifelong connections with students and faculty in both programs, and draw on Heller’s wealth of alumni resources for years to come.

What is a dual degree?

Students in dual degree programs fulfill the complete requirements for each degree, earning degrees for both programs.

What is a joint degree?

Joint degree programs are created by special agreement between programs, allowing students to fulfill a modified set of requirements. Please note that students in joint degree programs earn only one degree.

Dual and joint degree options for Heller students

Dual Degrees with Heller Programs

Dual Degrees with Brandeis Programs

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