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Composite of U.S. News & World Report badges for 2023

The Heller School once again named a top 10 graduate school

Heller News Release
March 29, 2022

For its 2023 rankings, U.S. News & World Report ranked the Heller School for Social Policy and Management among the top 10 public affairs graduate schools in two specialty categories: social policy (where Heller has been top-ranked for over a decade) and health policy and management.

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REACH participants, organizers and judges in classroom

Heller News Release
November 29, 2022

Racial Equity Action Challenge at Heller (REACH) awards funding to two student-led teams

This year’s winning teams seek to build community through intentional gathering spaces and address inequities in student financial literacy.

Buildings along the Mississippi Delta

Heller in the News
November 29, 2022

The Delta Scholars Program: A lifechanging trip to the Mississippi Delta

In BrandeisNOW, two Brandeis students were chosen to embark on the Delta Scholars Program, a two-week fellowship for focusing on demographic research and service learning into the Mississippi Delta, sponsored by The Center for Global Development and Sustainability (GDS) at the Heller School.

Words from President Abraham Lincoln greet staff and visitors outside the Department of Veterans Affairs headquarters in Washington

Heller in the News
November 28, 2022

Racial discrimination by Veterans Affairs spans decades, lawsuit says

According to The Washington Post, a recent study conducted by Brandeis University’s Institute for Economic and Racial Equity found that the education assistance and home loans contained in the original GI Bill enriched the lives of White Americans far more than Black Americans, limiting the possibilities of social advancement.

Insurance Newsnet logo

Heller in the News
November 25, 2022

House Financial Services Subcommittee Issues Testimony From Hope Policy Institute VP Burt

The Institute for Economic and Racial Equity (formerly Institute on Assets and Social Policy) is mentioned by Insurance News Net in a testimony From Hope Policy Institute.

Heller in the News
November 16, 2022

The Opioid Epidemic Now Kills More Black People Than White Ones because of Unequal Access to Treatment

“The treatment model was developed [during the Nixon administration] based on racism and a stigmatized view of people with addiction without any thought of privacy or dignity or treating addiction like a health problem,” says Andrew Kolodny, medical director of the Opioid Policy Research Collaborative at Brandeis University, for Scientific American.

Veteran Affairs Department in Washington, D.C.

Heller in the News
November 11, 2022

Racism led to lower benefits for Black veterans, studies find

The Washington Post cites a report from the Institute for Economic and Racial Equity that says the GI Bill, often vaunted for its substantial financial assistance to those who served, actually “contributed to the racial wealth gap” and negatively impacted African Americans through its racist implementation.

Priya Agarwal-Harding, PhD candidate

Heller News Release
November 09, 2022

Evaluating the impact of U.S. state immigrant inclusion policies on immigrant health and well-being: Priya Agarwal-Harding, PhD candidate

A Q&A with Priya Agarwal-Harding, PhD candidate.

Peter Dixon, Scientist

Heller News Release
November 09, 2022

Connecting communities and decision-makers to enhance peacebuilding policies: Peter Dixon

A Q&A with researcher Peter Dixon.

A close-up of a stomach of a pregnant person in a wheelchair, with a brown filter

Heller News Release
November 09, 2022

Improving health care for pregnant people with disabilities

Monika Mitra shines a spotlight on the disparities that many people with disabilities face in their journey to becoming parents.

Photo illustration of a hand and an IV with a green filter

Heller News Release
November 09, 2022

Nurses: (yet) another COVID-19 casualty

Karen Donelan studies the impact of the pandemic on the health care workforce and labor market.

Illustration of Northern Africa

Heller News Release
November 09, 2022

Tracking HIV resource allocation and cost in Africa

Allyala Krishna Nandakumar and co-authors explain how activity-based costing and management can improve HIV services.

a group of students outside on Zinner patio

Heller News Release
November 07, 2022

The 10th Annual Heller Startup Challenge

This year’s winners leveraged sustainability practices to springboard new social enterprises in the popular campus pitch competition.

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