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The Heller School consistently ranks among the nation’s top graduate schools of public affairs by U.S. News & World Report. For 2022, Heller was ranked 9th for social policy and 9th for health policy and management. Heller is one of only two New England graduate schools of public affairs to be ranked in either specialty area.

Social policy and health policy and management are specialty areas within the public affairs category, where Heller ranks in the top 20 percent of schools. Heller is among the top five graduate schools of public affairs in New England. These rankings reflect peer assessments of deans, directors and department chairs at 285 schools of public affairs.

The faculty, researchers, staff, and students who give Heller life and purpose are what make us one of the top-ranked graduate schools in the country. Our deep commitment to excellence pushes us to constantly pursue our motto of "knowledge advancing social justice."

In Good Company: 2022 U.S. News & World Report Rankings

Social Policy

Health Policy and Management

  1. Harvard University (Kennedy)
  1. University of Michigan—Ann Arbor (Ford)

3. University of California—Berkeley (Goldman) 

4. University of Wisconsin—Madison (La Follette)

5. University of Chicago (Harris)

6. Duke University (Sanford)

7. University of Washington (Evans)

8. Princeton University

9. Brandeis University (Heller)

10. Indiana University—Bloomington (O'Neill)

11. New York University (Wagner)

12. Cornell University

12. Georgetown University (McCourt)

12. University of California—Los Angeles (Luskin)

15. University of Minnesota—Twin Cities (Humphrey)

16. Columbia University

16. Syracuse University (Maxwell)

18. George Washington University (Trachtenberg)

19. Virginia Commonwealth University (Wilder)

20. American University

21. University of Texas—Austin (LBJ)

22. Arizona State University

22. Ohio State University (Glenn)


  1. Harvard University (Kennedy)
  2. Johns Hopkins University

2. New York University (Wagner)

4. University of Michigan—Ann Arbor (Ford)

5. Cornell University

5. University of Southern California (Price)

7. Indiana University—Bloomington (O'Neill)

8. Duke University (Sanford)

9. Brandeis University (Heller)

9. George Washington University (Trachtenberg)

11. University of Wisconsin—Madison (La Follette)

12. University of California—Los Angeles (Luskin)

12. University of Chicago (Harris)

14. Georgetown University (McCourt)

15. Columbia University

15. Princeton University