Current Students


MBA Program Director Carole Carlson, right, speaking with a student
Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Professor and Associate Dean, Academics

Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld

Professor and Director, MBA Program

Expertise: Theory and method in industrial relations, negotiations, institutional analysis, organizational behavior, information systems, employment law, cross-cultural studies
781-736-3998 Schneider 202
Michael Appell, MA'79, Senior Lecturer and Assistant Director, MBA Program

Michael Appell, MA'79

Senior Lecturer and Assistant Director, MBA Program

Expertise: Corporate Social Responsibility, Triple Bottom Line
781-736-3897 Heller-Brown 346
Brenda Anderson, Senior Lecturer and EMBA Program Director

Brenda Anderson

Senior Lecturer, the Heller School and the International Business School

Expertise: Healthcare finance; financial and managerial accounting; auditing
781-736-8423 Schneider 205
Joseph K. Assan, PhD, Director, MA in Sustainable International Development Program

Joseph Assan

Senior Lecturer and Director, MA in Sustainable International Development Program

Expertise: International political economy, sustainable development, international development, development studies, development management, sustainable livelihoods, climate change adaptation and poverty reduction, environmentally-induced vulnerabilities and human security, resilience to climatic variability, environmentally-induced migration and development policy analysis, environment, health and human well-being
781-736-3989 Heller-Brown 154
Head shot of Professor Larry Bailis

Larry Bailis

Associate Professor

Expertise: Service programs, service-learning and experiential education; university-community partnerships; program evaluation, evaluation of advocacy programs
617-868-2468 Heller-Brown 369
Head shot of Carole Carlson, Director of the MBA Program

Carole Carlson

Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Social entrepreneurship; strategy; organizational effectiveness; consultative skills; impact optimization for mission-driven organizations
Schneider 203
Susan Curnan, Director, Center for Youth and Communities

Susan Curnan

Florence G. Heller Associate Professor of the Practice and Director, Center for Youth and Communities

Expertise: Social policy and management, emphasis on leadership and management innovations with mission driven organizations and businesses
781-736-3771 Heller-Brown 341
Head shot of Stephen Fournier, Senior Lecturer at the Heller School and Adjunct Professor at the International Business School

Stephen Fournier

Senior Lecturer at the Heller School and Adjunct Professor at the International Business School

Expertise: Teaching (statistics, econometrics), data analysis and applied causal modeling and data maintenance, special expertise in both Stata and SPSS
781-736-3898 Heller-Brown 368
Professor Jody Hoffer Gittell

Jody Hoffer Gittell


Expertise: Organizational change; organizational effectiveness; organizational resilience; organizational theory; human resource management; relational coordination
781-736-3680 Schneider 206
Ricardo Godoy, Professor of International Development

Ricardo Godoy


Expertise: Acculturation, inequality, social capital, econometrics, research design, Bolivia, indigenous peoples, native Amazonians, panel studies, randomized controlled trials
781-736-2784 Heller-Brown 153
Anita Hill, University Professor

Anita Hill

University Professor of Social Policy, Law, and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Expertise: Anti-Discrimination Law and Policy (Gender and Race)

Sakshi Jain, Lecturer

Sakshi Jain


Expertise: Applied microeconomics; development economics; quantitative methods; economics of education; health, gender and racial inequality; policy and impact evaluation; public finance
Heller-Brown 156
Maria Madison, Interim Dean

Maria Madison

Interim Dean

Expertise: graduate school teaching experience includes courses on intersectionality and bioethics, anti-bias/anti-racism workshops and pro seminars, discrimination analytics, clinical trial design optimization and problem solving, and evidence-based research methods; research career includes clinical and public health research in Africa and Europe.
781-736-3886 Schneider 119
Elif Sisli Ciamarra, Adjunct Associate Professor

Elif Sisli Ciamarra

Adjunct Associate Professor

Expertise: Corporate finance, corporate governance, financial intermediation, executive compensation, corporate social responsibility
781-736-8544 Sachar International Center 130D
Cindy Thomas, PhD'00, Professor and Associate Dean for Research

Cindy Parks Thomas, PhD'00

Professor and Associate Dean for Research

Expertise: Health policy, health technology transfer, state health reform, prescription drug policy, addiction treatment, Medicare and Medicaid coverage
781-736-3921 Schneider 216
Sangeeta Tyagi, Senior Scientist and Lecturer

Sangeeta Tyagi, PhD'93

Senior Scientist; Director, Center for Youth and Communities

Expertise: Education, workforce development, and organizational leadership development
Xin Wang, Adjunct Lecturer

Xin Wang

Adjunct Lecturer

Expertise: Online marketing, marketing analytics, China marketing
781-736-2257 Lemberg Academic Center 255
Marji Erickson Warfield, Senior Scientist and Lecturer

Marji Erickson Warfield, PhD'91

Senior Scientist and Lecturer

Expertise: Children and youth with developmental disabilities and special healthcare needs; family adaptation; longitudinal studies; program evaluation
781-736-3833 Heller-Brown 350
David J. Whalen, Adjunct Lecturer

David Whalen, MBA'00

Adjunct Lecturer

Expertise: Fundraising and development