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Heller Policies

  • Heller Building Use Policy

  • Food Policy -  Instructions for events requiring extensive set-up:  If you don't use University Events (x6-4300) but intend to serve food or use additional chairs and tables, note that the setup and cleanup of all food and furniture will be your responsibility. You must clean up after your event, especially in the evening and on the weekend. If you are having a major event on the weekend, you must hire a custodian before and after to assure clean rooms for the event and for classes Monday morning. Any excessive trash (stacks of empty pizza boxes or food trays) should be taken out to the large trash bins at the side entrance/loading dock of the Heller-Brown building (near student mailboxes). It is not acceptable to leave trash or overflowing trash bins. If needed, extra trash bags can be provided in advance.

  • Liquor Policy – You are strictly forbidden to serve your own alcohol to event attendees. University Events Services holds hearings on the fourth Tuesday of the month to apply for one-day liquor permits, so contact CES if you want to serve alcohol at an event in Heller.

  • Videotaping policy – If you plan to record your event, you must ask your speaker to sign a video release form.

  • Flyers – There are five bulletin boards in Heller where you may post flyers. They are located: at the student mailboxes, to the left and right of the library entrance, the large board near Zinner Forum, the space between G6 and G5, and the large board outside room 147. You may also put one flyer on small common tables in the Zinner Forum or small seating areas. Flyers are not allowed on painted or textured walls, windows, or doors. They are allowed on the entrance of the building on the day of your event only if they are used to direct attendees. All postings must have a group or sponsor identified. Failure to do so may result in removal of the posted material. You are required to dispose of flyers after your event is over.

  • Posters – You are allowed to display your poster two weeks prior to your event at the entrance of the Heller Brown and Schneider Buildings.

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