Communications and Branding

The Heller Communications team has worked extensively to maintain the Brandeis and Heller brands and to deliver consistent messages in all of our external communications. Please download, explore, and use the brand materials provided here, and contact our team if you have any questions (

What is branding, and why is it important?

A brand is the unique identity an organization has in the eyes of its stakeholders. Organizations build a strong brand by using consistent, easily identifiable brand elements in their internal and external marketing and communications. Brand elements include logos, colors, fonts, and other graphic signals, as well as narrative elements such as values, characteristics, tone and key messages.

Having a strong brand is extremely important to standing out in a competitive market. Organizations with strong brands are more easily recognized, find it easier to attract consumers and employees, are more inspiring to stakeholders, instill greater trust in the public, and build financial value.

View the Brandeis Brand Standards and toolkit here, for university logos, colors, graphics, etc. You can also explore the Heller Identity online here.

Heller Wordmark

The Heller wordmark (often called a logo) is our most important visual branding element. Please use it on any print materials you develop and distribute externally. Several versions are available here for download.

JPG Files:

PhotoShop Files:

Heller Swag Guidelines

Download the Heller Swag Guidelines here for sample swag designs. If you need additional assistance purchasing branded products, please contact communications.

PowerPoint Slide Template

The Heller School provides branded slide templates for PowerPoint.

Download them here.

Heller Letterhead

Download the Heller School letterhead here.

Email Newsletter Banners

Every academic program, administrative office and center/institute has a branded email banner, which you can download and insert into important messages. We recommend using this for regular e-newsletters and other mass mailings. If your group isn’t listed, please contact us to have a new email banner made.

Download your office’s email banner here.