What is the process for students who want to plan an event?

Go to the For Heller Students page.

How many people will fit in the room?

View a diagram of the rooms and the amount of people they hold (pdf).

Whom should I contact if the A/V equipment doesn’t work?

Contact Media Services at 781-736-4632. We highly recommend testing the AV equipment prior to your event. The Library also offers resources to learn about classroom technology.

I’m having the event on the weekend. Is there anything specific I have to do?

On the weekends you will need to contact Public Safety three days in advance to get into the building. Be aware that the rooms are last cleaned on Friday morning. Therefore it is very important to clean up afterwards if you have any food at your event. We highly recommend hiring a custodian, especially for large events. If you choose not to hire a custodian, any excessive trash must be taken out to the large trash bins at the side entrance/loading dock of the Heller-Brown building (near student mailboxes). If you don’t use Conference and Events, but will serve food or use additional chairs and tables, note that the setup and cleanup of all food and furniture will be your responsibility.

Where can we order food?

It is recommended that you go through Brandeis Hospitality via University Events for your event catering. University Events can also help arrange for a custodian to be there for your event. You can reach University Events at 781-736-4300 and review catering options online.

Whom should we contact for reserved parking for our event?

If you are inviting a lot of off-campus guests to your event, you must contact Matthew Rushton, Director of Public Safety (781-736-4240). Unless the event is in the evening, it is university policy that attendees park in the Theater Lot during the academic year. They’ll want to know how many cars you expect. University Events can work with Public Safety on your parking issues and even book parking monitors or schedule shuttle buses. You can also recruit Heller students as parking monitors. For small events during the day, the information booth at the main entrance can issue parking passes. An alternate location for parking passes is the campus police office, located in the Stoneman Building adjacent to the Health Center.

How can I advertise my event?

Go to the Advertising page.

If we want signs directing people to our event put up on campus and at the entrance of Brandeis, whom should we contact?

University Events can provide custom signs on the day of your event for a fee (approximately $20 per sign). Contact University Events directly for more information.

Where can I find directions to the Heller School?

The Heller Contact page contains directions to the Heller School.