Current Students

Program Overview

Students must complete fifteen courses (60 credits) over two years in residence (NIAAA training grant has additional requirements). The core curriculum spreads across three categories: theory, methods, and area of concentration. Students take 5.5 core courses and a required course in their area of concentration. Of the remaining 8.5 courses, 3.5 must be from an approved list of PhD courses, allowing for 5 electives. Electives can be chosen from a variety of offerings in all three categories. In addition, students take a non-credit doctoral seminar in their area of concentration for 8 semesters.  Upon the completion of course work, students must successfully complete an integrated Comprehensive Exam. Successful completion of all course work fulfills requirements for the Master of Arts in Social Policy. Successful completion the Comprehensive Exam  allows students to proceed to the dissertation.

For additional information you can refer to the Program Requirements section of your Academic Policies and Procedures or the Curriculum and Program Structure page of the PhD website.


If you are a student who wants to request a medical academic accommodation, please contact Student Accessibility Support (SAS) (; 781-736-3470.