Careers advancing social justice.

That’s what Heller graduates find through the support and resources of the Career Development Center.

From the moment you’re admitted, our team is here for you. We’ll ask you the essential questions: What do you want from a job? How will that job make an impact? Then, through our one-on-one career coaching, workshops, online resources and more, we’ll work with you to find a position that’s the best possible fit.

We serve every Heller program, bringing students from all fields together during our Employer Treks, alumni career panels, and events throughout the year. Roles like project manager, research analyst or communications specialist span industries—so we focus on how to prepare every student to succeed with their unique skill set. And with the footsteps of 4,300 Heller alumni to follow, we’ll help you make invaluable connections across the United States and around the world, bonded by a shared passion for social justice.

Whether you’re looking for an internship or your first job while you’re a student or a leadership role in your field years after your graduate, we’ll put you on a path to serve society with your skills for years to come. 


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Careers with Impact

Photo of Nicole McCauley smiling.

Nicole McCauley, MBA'16, Analyst at Deloitte

“As a consultant now, having the Team Consulting Project experience was immensely valuable. I'm very confident interacting with clients, meeting tight deadlines and working with a diverse set of colleagues to provide high quality work. Heller taught me to be bold in my thinking and ideas, giving me the confidence to push for change in the workplace as much as in my personal life.”

Freada Kapor Klein, PhD'84

Freada Kapor Klein, PhD’84, Partner at Kapor Capital and founder of the Level Playing Field Institute

“There’s a prevailing mythology in the tech industry that tech, more than any other sector, is a meritocracy. So the concept of hidden bias flies in the face of people who regard themselves as smart and innovative. If you believe you’re a meritocracy, then you don’t have to pay any attention to diversity and inclusion efforts.”

Gustavo Payan, MA SID'05

Gustavo Payan, MA SID’05, program manager, Education Development Center

“If I’m in the field, I can spend the day in an at-risk community, talk to former gang members or kids who really have nothing, and then, because this is U.S. government, the next day I might be promoting my project with the U.S. ambassador. It gives me the opportunity to work with a wide range of people.”