Advertising your event

Listed below are a few methods you can use to advertise your event at Heller and the entire University. Please email the Heller Events team for more suggestions or questions specific to your event.

  • List of Brandeis Schools, Departments and Programs – The Provost's website includes a list of Brandeis schools, departments and programs which includes the director/dean/chair of each unit and their assistant. This is a great resource to target specific audiences, which will increase attendance to your event.

  • Brandeis People Directory – Along with using Brandeis lists above, you can also search the People Directory by Offices in the left side navigation.

  • Posters and Flyers – see Heller's Policies

  • Heller Events Calendar – All Heller-sponsored events can be added to this calendar. You must note this on your Event Request Form with 3-5 sentences describing your event as well as the event contact person.

  • Campus signs – Conference and Events Services (CES) can provide custom signs on the day of your event for a fee (approximately $20 per sign). Contact CES for more information.

  • Advertising Online – Consider reaching out to BrandeisNOW, submit an event to the Brandeis Events page, contact related departments on campus (at planner's discretion), The Justice or The Hoot (student newspapers).

  • Social Media – Reach out to our Communications department to request announcing your event on Heller social media channels.

  • Brandeis distribution lists – Brandeis Google Groups are a great place to start looking for particular groups you want to invite. A Brandeis UNET login is required. On the Google Groups homepage see the section titled "All Groups" and search for the groups that best fit your audience. When you click on any list, you can ask to join the group or contact the group's owners and managers directly to ask if the list you selected is suitable to reach your audience. Brandeis has transitioned its mailing lists from Sympa Listserv to Google Groups as of November 2022.