Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows

Heller RPCVs at a Boston-area barbecue

The Heller School is proud to be a Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program, offering generous scholarships to Returning Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs).

New – Five 100% tuition scholarships for RPCVs!

The Heller School is pleased to announce five new 100% tuition scholarships for RPCVs admitted to Heller for each fall term.  Each of the following master’s degree programs will award one 100% tuition scholarship to an RPCV:

  • MA in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence

  • MA in Sustainable International Development

  • MS in Global Health Policy and Management

  • Master of Public Policy

  • Social Impact MBA

Guaranteed 50% scholarship for all RPCVs

All RPCVs admitted to the Heller School receive a guaranteed scholarship of at least 50% of their tuition expenses.  

Eligibility & How to Apply  

To verify their affiliation, RPCVs should submit a copy of their Description of Service (DOS) as proof of their Peace Corps experience. The DOS may be submitted through the applicant's Status Page once an application has been submitted. The application fee is also waived for all RPCVs.

Meet a few of our RPCVs:

Chibo Shinagawa

Chibo Shinagawa, MS’19

Peace Corps

Shinagawa found Heller through the Peace Corps program website. “I was looking specifically for programs that focus on advancing social justice as part of their curriculum. I’ve always been a community organizer at heart. That’s my passion, and I’ve always known my interest was in reproductive health and reproductive justice, which is part of the reason why I decided to join the Peace Corps.” She says her Peace Corps experience also helped expose her to the role of direct service organizations, as part of her role included facilitating vaccinations and immunizations at a local health clinic. 

Lisette Anzoategui, MA SID/COEX’15

Peace Corps

The Peace Corps sent Anzoategui to Honduras to work on a property tax system, female entrepreneurship and community banking.

“Throughout my time there, I saw constantly the interaction between violence prevention and conflict and peacebuilding and development. That was a huge part of why I chose Heller, where I could do the dual degree in sustainable international development and coexistence and conflict to make those linkages.”

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RPCVs at Heller share their experiences: