Analyzing Inequities. Crafting Solutions. 

At Heller's two-year Master of Public Policy program, we are committed to the concept of knowledge advancing social justice. We live at the intersection of research and public policy at a top-ten school of social policy, a place where policy impacts people. In a diverse and supportive community, we work to develop solutions that will expand opportunity more broadly and address persistent inequality.

Our MPP program teaches students to think beyond current structures and to pursue tangible progress through pragmatic, politically feasible approaches to social change. We build understanding of the broader context around social issues, the systemic inequities that exacerbate them and the analytical tools necessary to assess root causes and implement equitable solutions.

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Master concepts and tools to drive policy

MPP concentrations are linked to Heller’s renowned research institutes and centers. Student learn how to address critical social problems, such as closing the racial wealth gap or fostering better mainstream inclusion for people with disabilities.

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Join a community dedicated to equity, inclusion and diversity

We work to ensure that community members respect and value others. We are committed to equity, inclusion and diversity in our research institutes, academic programs, policies and community relationships.
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Gain experience for a career with impact

Heller MPP graduates are creating structural change across the country — whether from inside, in federal, state or local government, or from outside, via advocacy organizations to improve conditions for vulnerable populations.

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Work with collaborative, passionate peers

At Heller, you're part of a community of future policymakers who incorporate social justice into every aspect of their work. Make the world a better place while thriving in a supportive, cooperative environment. 

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Sam Hyun, MBA/MPP'22

After five years of working for the speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Hyun is continuing his public service as chairperson of the Asian American Commission while pursuing his MPP and MBA at Heller. “I’ve loved my experience here. Not everyone is from the government. People come from AmeriCorps, think tanks, and there’s just a vast diaspora of intellect. I’m really inspired by my cohort members.

MPP Graduates are well represented across sectors

(Accessible description: The pie chart above shows that 49 percent of MPP graduates from the last three years work in the nonprofit sector, 17 percent in government, 20 percent in academia, 12 percent in for-profits and 2 percent internationally.) See more MPP career outcomes data. 

Careers with Impact

Erin Robinson, MPP’16

Erin Robinson, MPP'16, Campaign Manager for Early Childhood Policy, Center for American Progress

“The biggest thing I learned at Heller is being able to summarize legislation succinctly. We also learned a lot about cost-benefit analysis. When I’m sitting with the chief of staff for a senator and they ask me how much a bill costs, I can tell them, but I also make sure to include what that legislation would mean for families, child care providers, and even other businesses in their state.”

Tracy Choi, MPP'13, Housing and Community Development Supervisor, San Mateo County, California

All of the courses on structural racism and the intersections of race and poverty help me have a deeper understanding and perspective as I do my job now. I can really see from a historical or racial injustice lens how to approach my work, because we serve the most vulnerable and underserved populations in the community.”

Todd Swisher, MPP'16, Management Analyst, Office of Budget Management, City of Boston

“I remember studying American government with Professor [Michael] Doonan and learning about federalism and how it’s a distinct feature of our government to have power distributed among different levels. At the federal level, you can accomplish a lot with one swing of the bat. But that hasn’t been possible lately, given the politics. As I learned about how policy was moving on the state and local levels, I started shifting my focus.”

Heller MPP Careers
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