Professor Michael Doonan delivering a lecture

In addition to the MPP core curriculum, we require a minimum of three concentration-specific courses, allowing students to develop deeper knowledge in the specific language, literature and networks of a particular policy area.

MPP concentrations are linked to Heller’s renowned research institutes and centers. Our research activities provide students with new perspectives on how to impact social problems in a range of important areas, such as closing the racial wealth gap or fostering better inclusion into mainstream society for people with disabilities. Concentrations include: 

Research and Policy

The Heller School’s 11 research and policy institutes and centers are known for rigorous scholarship that improves the lives of vulnerable populations both locally and globally.  A diverse portfolio of policy research is supported by over $20 million in government and private funding. Topics include:

  • Health
  • Behavioral health
  • Global health
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Disabilities
  • Children, youth and families 
  • Philanthropy
  • Management and leadership
  • Global development and sustainability

The significant amount and quality of research is a rich resource for classroom experience and opportunity for students working alongside faculty and researchers to be at the cutting edge.