As a top-ranked school of social policy, the Heller School gives you access to the nation’s leading policy analysts and top research institutes in every graduate degree program.

You’ll benefit from the diverse perspectives of faculty and students, tackle innovative courses that range from economic theory to human rights, and develop a deep understanding of society’s most pressing issues. No matter which graduate program you commit to, you’ll develop broad knowledge and focused skills to better serve the communities you care deeply about and have a positive impact on society.

Master of Public Policy

Unlike graduate programs that cover a broad range of policy areas, Heller’s Master of Public Policy (MPP) focuses exclusively on domestic social policy, providing students with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary perspective informed by economics, political science and sociology. Our curriculum lives at the intersection of research and policy that makes a difference — particularly in supporting vulnerable, marginalized populations.

Social Impact MBA

Heller’s Social Impact MBA prepares you to take on leadership roles in the nonprofit, public and for-profit sectors – roles where you’ll have lasting, sustainable, and positive impact on society through ethical, mission-driven organizations. You'll gain the quantitative skills, experiential learning, and intellectual rigor of a top-tier traditional MBA degree, but in an environment grounded in the values and practices of social justice. 

Master of Science in Global Health Policy and Management 

The Global Health Policy and Management program emphasizes a holistic understanding of health system design and function to improve health outcomes for people around the world. We believe that effective policy is the key to expanding access to high-quality health care for all who need it — which is why we focus on system design and financing, data analytics and management.

Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence

Heller’s Conflict Resolution and Coexistence (COEX) program offers a practical, skills-based curriculum that prepares students to become responsible peace-building practitioners throughout the world. The COEX program has a unique structure, including a half-year field practicum, numerous dual degree opportunities and the ability to concentrate in humanitarian aid or development.

Master of Arts in Sustainable International Development

The Sustainable International Development (SID) program educates tomorrow’s global change agents and  leaders in social innovation. You'll learn to design, implement and evaluate programs and projects to promote equitable economic growth, socially-inclusive societies, improved access to high quality education and health services and resilience to climate change. 

PhD in Social Policy 

Research is the means to an end for students in Heller’s PhD in Social Policy program. They do more than just gather data to form new knowledge—they use that knowledge to inform and influence policymakers and practitioners. You'll focus on a concentration that aligns with your long-term interests, while also learning alongside students across concentration areas, gaining a multifaceted perspective on critical social policy issues.

Dual and Joint Master's Degrees

Many students come to Heller to further a career that strives for social justice. We believe that an interdisciplinary focus is key to getting at the root causes of systemic social problems. Dual and joint degree programs not only can strengthen your understanding of a given issue, but they can also increase your professional network and broaden your job prospects when you graduate.

Executive MBA for Physicians

The Heller School’s Executive MBA for Physicians (EMBA) is focused on improving both clinical outcomes and financial results in health care organizations by training physician-leaders in the new science of medical management. This accelerated 16-month program integrates the student's medical expertise with health policy, economics, operational systems management, high performance leadership, and healthcare innovation.

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