Current Students

Information for PhD Students

Contact Information

Program Administration

Diana Bowser, ScD
Director, PhD Program
Heller-Brown 272, 781-736-4811

Cheryl Sweeney
Program Manager, PhD Program
Schneider 111, 781-736-8992

Rosella Carrelli
Senior Dept. Coordinator, PhD Program
Schneider 112, 781-736-5120

Concentration Chairs

Behavioral Health
Constance Horgan, ScD
Heller-Brown 257, 781-736-3916

Children, Youth and Families
Dolores Acevedo-Garcia, PhD
Heller-Brown 364, 781-736-3715

Economic and Racial Equity
Maria Madison, ScD
Schneider 119, 781-736-3886
Tatjana Meschede, PhD
Heller-Brown 361, 781-736-8678

Jennifer Perloff, PhD'06
Schneider 213, 781-736-3935

Student Representatives to the PhD Committee

Your student representative will report committee discussion/decisions back to your class. You (through your representative) may also recommend PCM agenda items to the PhD Program Director. 

Michael Vetter (1st year-Health)

Emily Thoman (2nd year-Economic and Racial Equity)

Emily Ledingham Crandall (3rd year-Behavioral Health)

Individual Learning Plans