The Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy

About Us

The Sillerman Center identifies and advances grantmaking practice designed to make philanthropy more equitable, accessible, and better informed by history, research, and the life experiences of people most affected by social problems. 

Our publications, events and educational programming focus on solutions and paths forward for the philanthropic sector. We highlight existing best practices in the vast and varied philanthropic landscape. We also help guide grantmakers concerned about today's complicated social challenges, but, like many of us, may feel overwhelmed. 

Our work is a response to contemporary critiques of philanthropy’s inherent inequities and power imbalances. In equal measure, our work grows from the inspiring, often unseen work to change philanthropy that is being accomplished by grantmakers, grantee partners and others across the United States. 

The Sillerman Center: 

The Sillerman Center was established in 2008 by a generous gift from Laura and Robert Sillerman ’69. 


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