Institute for Behavioral Health


IBH researchers have multi-faceted roles within the larger Brandeis community. They teach interdisciplinary courses at the graduate and/or undergraduate levels, serve as mentors, advisors, and as PhD committee chairs and members. IBH itself plays an educational role as well as the home for PhD and MPP students focused on behavioral health. IBH also houses a doctoral training program funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).  

Drinking in the Data

The Winter 2023 issue of Heller Magazine features Heller's NIAAA training program.

Recent student publications


Ledingham EC, Adams RS, Heaphy D, Duarte A, Reif S. (2022) Perspectives of adults with disabilities and opioid misuse: Qualitative findings illuminating experiences with stigma and substance use treatment. Disability & Health Journal, 101292.


Bohler RM, Hodgkin D, Kreiner PW, Green TC. (2021) Predictors of US states' adoption of naloxone access laws, 2001-2017. Drug Alcohol Depend, 225:108772. PMCID: PMC8282714

Kritikos AF, Johnson JK, Hodgkin D. (2021) Past 30-Day Marijuana Vaping: Prevalence and Predictors of Use in a Nationally Representative Study of U.S. Youth. .Am J Prev Med. 60(2):258-266.  PMCID: PMC7854829 

Mazel S, Zisman-Ilani Y, Hennig S, Garnick D, Nicholson J. (2021) Virtual Engagement in a Social Media Community of Mothers With Substance Use Disorders: Content Analysis. JMIR Form Res, 5(6):e24353.  PMCID: PMC8277390 

Saadoun M, Bauer MR, Adams RS, Highland KB, Larson MJ. (2021) Opioid and Nonpharmacologic Treatments Among Soldiers With Chronic Pain and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Psychiatr Serv, 72(3):264-272. PMCID: PMC8127998 

Morgan Shields
Dr. Morgan Shields

Morgan Shields, PhD'20, 2020 AHSR Early Investigator Award Winner

Dr. Shields is a recent NIAAA Pre-doctoral fellow and 2020 Heller School graduate.