So you've survived cancer, now what?

Heller in the News
December 23, 2013

Samantha Watson ’01, MBA ’06, helps young adult survivors tackle life after disease.

Allyala K. Nandakumar appointed to U.S. Agency for International Development

Heller in the News
December 17, 2013

Professor Nandakumar, Director of Heller's Institute for Global Health and Development, will continue to teach courses at Heller.

Brandeis institute to use $2.9m grant to launch website featuring child wellbeing data

Heller in the News
December 16, 2013

Heller's Institute for Child, Youth and Family Policy will inaugurate diversitydatakids.org in January.

MBA grads find way to serve and thrive

Heller in the News
December 04, 2013

The Boston Globe spotlights Heller social entrepreneurs.

The Great Healthcare.gov Mistake: Having An ‘Older Accountant’ Create It

Heller in the News
November 21, 2013

Michael Doonan writes for CommonHealth, WBUR's health blog.

Heller PhD student takes 3rd prize in APPAM's capstone competition

Heller in the News
November 08, 2013

Graham Wright was recognized by the Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management for "Cliff Effects in Massachusetts Subsidized Child Care."

Forum highlights Heller’s focus on achieving diversity, equity

Heller in the News
November 05, 2013

President Lawrence and Heller professors Anita Hill and Ted Johnson are among the speakers at "The State of Diversity" event.

The generation that eradicates poverty

Heller in the News
October 10, 2013

Philosopher Thomas Pogge urges Heller students not to give up on human rights.

Compassion, Action and Sleeping Well

Heller in the News
September 27, 2013

On the HuffPost blog, Claudia Jacobs writes about the brain's response to giving.

Heller MBA scores high on Global Green Survey

Heller News Release
September 24, 2013

The program is ranked 4th in the nation and 12th internationally in Corporate Knights' sustainability ratings.

Relational Coordination Research Collaborative awards RC Certification to health professionals from Ontario consulting group

Heller News Release
September 20, 2013

Nancy Whitelaw, RN, and Kenneth Milne, MD, of Salus Global Consulting received the certification.

Employment Report Shows More Jobs, Questionable Quality, Smaller Labor Force

Heller in the News
September 06, 2013

Lisa Lynch discusses August's employment trends in an interview with Paul Solman '66, PBS NewsHour's economics correspondent.

Uncircling the Wagons: Philanthropists Who Didn't Cause Our Social Problems

Heller in the News
August 29, 2013

Claudia Jacobs writes about the benefits of giving circles in her latest blog post on the Huffington Post.

Fifty years after March on Washington, economic gap between blacks, whites persists

Heller in the News
August 27, 2013

The Washington Post quotes Thomas Shapiro on his research on the racial wealth gap.

How Candles Are Making New Opportunities for Women in Haiti

Heller in the News
August 21, 2013

Siiri Morley, MBA '10, was featured in PBS NewsHour's Agents of Change Series for her work as executive director of Prosperity Catalyst, a nonprofit that trains women in business, and with its sister organization, Prosperity Candle.

Hanley Center, Brandeis partner for physician training

Heller in the News
August 15, 2013

The partnership, offering training by Heller faculty, aims to build a statewide network of physician leaders in Maine.

Partners Hospitals, Doctors Top Health-Payment List

Heller in the News
August 14, 2013

Stuart Altman, chair of the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission, is quoted in a Boston Globe article about health care expenditures.

Foundations Should Take a Look at the Largest Poverty Minority: Think Inclusively, Act Inclusively

Heller in the News
July 29, 2013

The needs of people with disabilities often go unaddressed by funders, writes Claudia Jacobs in her latest post on the Huffpost blog.

Heller School’s Center for Youth and Communities Receives $2.5 Million Grant from the Walmart Foundation for 2013 Summer Youth Employability Initiative

Heller News Release
July 22, 2013

The grant will directly support summer programs that employ, educate, and support young people.

Love in the Time of Autism

Heller in the News
July 02, 2013

Susan Parish is quoted in a Psychology Today article on how raising an autistic child can affect a marriage.

Confronting Diversity: Can Foundations Face Their Own Equity Contradiction?

Heller in the News
June 27, 2013

Foundations need diversity in their makeup and their thinking, Claudia Jacobs writes on her HuffPost blog.

Ask the Experts: How Can We Improve Financial Literacy in the U.S.?

Heller in the News
June 25, 2013

Professor Lawrence Bailis gives his perspective to CardHub, a credit card resource on the Web.

Federal Commission on Long-Term Care Hires G. Lawrence Atkins, Ph.D. '85, as Staff Director

Heller in the News
June 25, 2013

The fifteen member commission, created by the fiscal cliff law, is tasked with advising Congress on long-term care reform.

Heller School to Offer MBA in Public Management

Heller in the News
June 10, 2013

A shift in student demand leads to the creation of a new concentration.

Why Philanthropy Should Steam Ahead and Support the Creative Economy

Heller in the News
May 30, 2013

The Sillerman Center's Claudia Jacobs argues for funding for the arts in her latest blog post for the Huffington Post.

Heller School Grads Celebrate Diversity, Altruism

Heller in the News
May 20, 2013

Gregorian asks new alumni to consider their contributions to future generations

Audrey Shelto, M.M.H.S. '82, Selected as President of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation

Heller in the News
May 10, 2013

Shelto is a seasoned healthcare leader with 30 years of experience.

Peace Corps Veterans Beating a Path to Heller School's Door

Heller in the News
May 07, 2013

Just two years after beginning the Coverdell program, Brandeis ranks 5th in the US.

April Hiring Increase Shows Signs of Economic Healing Despite Spending Cuts

Heller in the News
May 03, 2013

On PBS's NewsHour, Dean Lisa Lynch comments on the latest employment reports.

Sillerman Center Announces Winner of 2013 Generous U Competition

Heller News Release
April 30, 2013

Kansas State University is awarded $5,000 for its student philanthropy program, K-State Proud.

Five Heller Students Awarded Prestigious Federal Fellowships

Heller News Release
April 29, 2013

The students have been awarded the Presidential Management Fellowship, the Fulbright Fellowship, and the Boren Fellowship.

Wealth Gap among Races Widened Since Recession

Heller in the News
April 28, 2013

The New York Times quotes Professor Tom Shapiro of Heller's Institute on Assets and Social Policy.

Vartan Gregorian, President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, to be Heller Commencement Speaker

Heller in the News
April 12, 2013

Dr. Gregorian will also receive an honorary degree from Brandeis; see the BrandeisNOW story for his biography.

Dean Lynch Presents Heller School Teaching, Mentoring, Staff Awards

Heller in the News
April 11, 2013

Carole Carlson, Tatjana Meschede, and Norma DeMattos are honored.

Is New Technology Chipping Away at Scope of the American Workforce?

Heller in the News
April 05, 2013

Lisa Lynch comments on the March employment reports on PBS's NewsHour.

Is There a Role for Philanthropy in a Socialist State?

Heller in the News
April 01, 2013

In her latest blog for the Huffington Post, Claudia Jacobs reports on her recent trip to Cuba.

President Obama Spotlights Heller Alum at Naturalization Ceremony

Heller in the News
March 25, 2013

Pertula George-Redd, MA-SID '08, was one of 28 new citizens honored at the White House.

In Bangladesh and India, Professor Laurence Simon Gives Lectures on Paulo Freire

Heller in the News
March 22, 2013

Simon, director of Heller's Graduate Programs in Sustainable International Development and Health, spoke in Dhaka and New Delhi about Freire, a social theorist who has had profound influence in the regions.

Lisa M. Lynch Reappointed Dean of Heller School

Heller in the News
March 05, 2013

A renowned scholar on employment issues, Lynch led the creation of Heller's strategic plan.

A Supportive Community for Transgender Youth

Heller in the News
March 05, 2013

Heller student Nick Teich talks to Katie Couric about the summer camp he founded for transgender youth.

Generous U Competition is Growing Exponentially

Heller in the News
March 03, 2013

Heller's Sillerman Center aims to increase social justice philanthropy.

Nomination Period for Heller Awards Extended

Heller in the News
March 02, 2013

The deadline for nominations for the Heller Teaching, Mentoring, and Staff Service Awards has been extended to March 8, 2013.

For Ryan Dempster, a cause he takes to heart

Heller in the News
March 02, 2013

Heller's Lisa Jennings, Project Manager at the Institute for Child, Youth and Family Policy, involves herself in Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster's charitable foundation.

Heller Study Finds Public and Institutional Policies Widen Racial Wealth Gap

Heller in the News
February 27, 2013

The same gain in income produces far greater wealth for whites than blacks, an Institute on Assets and Social Policy report says.

We Need to Create Jobs, Period

Heller in the News
February 10, 2013

What both young and older workers need is sensible policy that promotes job creation, Dean Lisa Lynch writes in the New York Times' Room for Debate.

Heller School Team Advances to Regional Finals of 4th Annual Hult Prize in Response to President Bill Clinton’s Food Poverty Challenge

Heller News Release
January 28, 2013

Global top-tier schools will go head-to-head in the world’s largest student competition in a quest for social good and $1 million in start-up funding.

Brandeis to Host First Anita Hill Annual Lecture on Gender Justice

Heller in the News
January 25, 2013

Juhu Thukral, the Director of Law and Advocacy at the Opportunity Agenda, will deliver the inaugural lecture on January 30, 2013.

Charity Begins at Home?

Heller in the News
January 11, 2013

In her latest blog entry for the Huffpost, the Sillerman Center's Claudia Jacobs discusses the benefits of teaching college students about philanthropy.

Heller Executive Education Program Wins Rave Reviews from Surgeons Group

Heller in the News
January 10, 2013

A new Advanced Leadership Program for surgeons fills an emerging need, Thoracic Surgery News reports.

California girl on mission Piyali

Heller in the News
January 02, 2013

The Telegraph (India) profiles Kristine Pedersen, MA-SID '11, director of a school for girls.