Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

The 21-Day Challenge at Heller

In January 2021, the Heller community embarked on Dr. Eddie Moore’s 21-day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge. Students signed up for a proseminar course called “Racial Equity: Intersections of Race, Power, Privilege, Supremacy and Oppression," which centered around Dr. Moore’s work while integrating lectures from Heller faculty. Students who did not sign up for the course also participated at their own pace along with Heller faculty, staff and alumni.

The purpose of the 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge is to engage in deep reflection and practical thinking on how to integrate racial equity into one’s life and career. Each day, participants are invited to engage with select resources (such as an article, video or podcast), and take opportunities to reflect on the content.

Daily Readings and More:

This list is adapted from the American Bar Association's 21-day challenge syllabus based on 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge- Dr. Eddie Moore Jr.

Utilize this 21-Day Challenge Tracking Tool after engaging in materials daily.

Special thanks to Pierrce Holmes, MPP'22, for curating additional items marked with an asterisk, including the Heller 21-Day Challenge Spotify Playlist.

Download the full Heller 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge.

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