Current Students

Our Commitment to Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

Smiling students against a black background

As a Social Impact MBA program, we not only prepare students to create positive social change through careers in mission-driven management, we also strive to walk the talk in our program’s curriculum, activities, policies and culture. Like the broader Heller School community, we are committed to building belongingness for every MBA student and we aspire to weave equity, inclusion and diversity (EID) throughout our program. These aspirations are central to our unique program culture.

EID in the Classroom

In concrete terms, our commitment to EID takes many forms. Although social impact themes permeate the entire MBA curriculum, every student also completes a required course on Social Justice, Management and Policy. This class examines historical and contemporary justice issues and encourages students to grapple with the management dilemmas that managers and change agents face both inside and outside social impact organizations.

Overall, the Heller MBA curriculum focuses on resolving social inequities through mission-driven management. Our faculty regularly engage in professional development related to EID, including most recently participating Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr’s 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge. They also routinely examine their course syllabi and pedagogy to incorporate diverse perspectives and use instructional techniques that allow for an equitable learning experience for all students. Our faculty strive to incorporate business leaders of color in case studies and as guest speakers; as well as assigning readings and texts by scholars of diverse backgrounds.

Finally, we believe that student representation matters. As a program and a school, we are committed to recruiting and admitting diverse cohorts of students that reflect our broader community and we prioritize the use of EID scholarships and financial aid to make this possible. This includes providing multiple full scholarships for students who demonstrate commitment to the advancement of diversity and inclusion, as well as fellowships for LGBTQ MBA students, MBA students from rural communities, inner city communities, and women of color 

Field Experience

Many of our students are interested in issues of racial, gender and economic justice, and inequity in a variety of contexts. The MBA program partners with a range of local and national organizations in this field, providing hands-on opportunities for students to gain experience and apply their learning to real management challenges through Team Consulting Projects (TCP). Recent TCPs have included creating a better way for women and under-represented minorities to access venture capital funding; diversifying revenue streams for a Waltham nonprofit focused on the African diaspora; and creating a sustainable growth plan for a racial justice-driven arts and music festival.

MBA students also have the option to become a Board Fellow, where students serve as a non-voting, volunteer member of a nonprofit board of directors for one year. In recent years, students have served as fellows for the Boston Network for International Development, REACH Beyond Domestic Violence, Groundwork Lawrence and more. Both the Team Consulting Project and Board Fellows program provide students with critical insight into the issues facing organizational leaders, as well as important networking opportunities with leaders in the field.