Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

Heller Award Winners: Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

Bria Price, MPP’19

The Heller School presents an award for equity, inclusion and diversity each spring as part of the Heller Awards. Community members nominate students, faculty, researchers and staff and a committee of past awardees, students and recent alumni determine the winners. The award honors those who lead efforts to develop a climate supportive of all students, staff, faculty and researchers, enhance the success of students and faculty of diverse backgrounds, and more. 



  • The Equity, Inclusion and Diversity award was given to Finn Gardiner, MPP’18, communications specialist for the Lurie Institute for Disability Policy. Gardiner was honored for his work combining disability advocacy, policy analysis, and visual and written communication to help advance the rights of people with disabilities and those at the intersections of disability, race, gender, sexuality, and other statuses. “Finn’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident through everything he does,” said one nominator. Gardiner was also recently inducted into the Susan M. Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame by the National Disability Mentoring Coalition and Partners for Youth with Disabilities.


  • Sandy Ho, a research associate at the Lurie Institute, received the Equity, Inclusion and Diversity award for her work both on- and off-campus. At Brandeis, she has planned and moderated talks with prominent disability advocates and policymakers, collaborated with the Heller Disability Working Group and worked with Chief Diversity Officer Mark Brimhall-Vargas to address students concerns on campus. She is also the founder of the Disability and Intersectionality Summit, a biennial national conference. Ho shows that “being both a policy researcher and an activist is possible,” said one nominator.


  • Bria Price, MPP’19, who was described as “encouraging, forward-thinking and holistic” by her nominators, received the first Equity, Inclusion and Diversity award. Over her two years at Heller, she has called out inequities, built bridges and worked on a number of DEI events, including Sankofa Community Conversations