Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

Student Working Groups

2021-2022 Heller Student Working Groups

Brandeis University Africa Forum

Contact Professor Joseph Assan, joeassan@brandeis.edu, and Keshia Engwenyi, kengwenyi@brandeis.edu

The Brandeis University Africa Forum is a working group of African students and other members of Heller who are interested in African history and culture. Some of its activities include 1) organizing various panels with a focus on African socioeconomic and political context; 2) coordinating cultural events that reflect African and African descent culture and history; 3) creating a network with other African Student Associations in the U.S. 

Disability Working Group

Contact Anna Clements, annaclements@brandeis.edu

As the Heller Disability Working Group, our purpose is to serve as a resource to people with disabilities within the Heller community, as a network of support and advocacy. We do this through organizing events to draw awareness to issues affecting the disability community, through advocating directly to the university faculty on behalf of people with disabilities within the Heller community, and through building connections with other groups promoting social change on campus. We envision a rights-based, intersectional definition of disability, taking into account the historical processes through which disability has been created and defined. 

Gender Working Group

Contact Professor Cristina Espinosa, espinosa@brandeis.edu

The GWG approaches development from a gender perspective by making space in the development dialogue for discourse surrounding gender inequality, gender identity, and sexuality. Our goal is to be as inclusive and intersectional as possible, and to foster important and meaningful discussions through speakers, movie screenings, discussion groups, and campaigns. 

Immigrant Justice Working Group

Contact Shannell Ciruso, sciruso@brandeis.edu, Anastasia Owen, anastasiaowen@brandeis.edu, or Mariela Martinez, marielamartinez@brandeis.edu.

The Immigrant Justice Working Group’s purpose is to promote immigrant justice in our school, community, and beyond. This will be accomplished through multiple avenues of engagement, including organizing, activism, cultural events, and other events. The Immigrant Justice Working Group seeks to increase student understanding and engagement with immigrant communities and immigrants’ rights issues regionally and nationally. The Working Group seeks to address:

  • How can students engage with immigrants’ rights activism and organizing?
  • What can be done to meet the demand for immigration policy curriculum at Heller?
  • How is the historical development of the immigration system playing out today?
  • In what ways can the abolitionist framework be applied to the U.S. immigration system, and how can Heller students be involved?

Net Impact – Heller Chapter

Contact Ripu Bhanjan Singh, ripu@brandeis.edu

Net Impact is an international network of professional and student networks focused on using business for environmental sustainability and social impact through topics such as corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship. It serves as one of the largest MBA organizations in the world. Net Impact Heller partners with the IBS and Boston Net Impact chapters to host a variety of professional and networking events such as the Impact Summit in Boston and the Triple Bottom Line speaker series. 

Racial Equity Working Group

Contact Kayleigh Lawson, kayleighlawson@brandeis.edu

The Racial Equity Working Group is an open and collaborative space to explore and take action to make our communities more just, anti-racist, and equitable. There has never been a more important time to work together to create solutions to these ongoing issues of racial injustice. We would also like to use this opportunity to communicate with any other groups currently doing racial equality work or who would like to. Another role our working group hopes to fill is to act as a liaison between student groups and the Office of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity or at the very least a hub for all the different efforts being taken at Heller.

Steps to creating a working group

  1. Check the list of current working groups to determine if you can work with an existing group. A streamlined list of working groups means events are less likely to overlap with each other!
  2. Draft a short introduction to the objectives, goals and proposed activities of the working group.
  3. Meet with the Associate Director of Academic Affairs, Marc Kiredjian (mkiredjian@brandeis.edu), to discuss your idea(s).