Interim Dean Maria Madison welcomes new students to Heller

September 12, 2023

Interim Dean Maria Madison speaks to the Heller community during orientation, August 28, 2023.
Interim Dean Maria Madison speaks to Heller community at orientation, Aug. 28, 2023.

Dear Heller Community,

Welcome to the fall 2023 semester. Thank you for choosing the Heller School as your new academic home. By choosing Heller, you are joining an institution that has produced world-renowned scholars, policy experts, analysts, social justice activists, and influencers we proudly call transformational agents.

The past few years magnified global challenges, challenges for which our student body is uniquely qualified to conquer. Through entrepreneurship, innovation, sheer persistence, and brilliance, our community members are laser-focused on improving the world. Whether it's COVID-19, climate change, hate crimes, threats to democracy, or global conflicts, we persist in raising awareness and building skills to promote justice. You will be joining an institution that values rigorous research and community engagement in support of policy work. At times, the future can seem dire – but what brings us together is our collective vision for a better world. Indeed, Heller folks make a profound impact on society.

In addition to learning from our exceptional faculty and researchers, you are joining an extraordinary class of peers. You will learn from each other's expertise and lived experience. We look forward to hearing your insights, knowledge, and experiences.

We embrace active collaboration, social innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge, and empathy to advance social justice. We create a brighter, more equitable future by working together and building dialogues across differences.

You represent the next generation of leaders making a more just society. You are the spark that keeps the world glowing with inspiration and possibility!

Welcome to Heller. To our returning students, faculty, researchers, and staff: Welcome back!


Maria Madison
Interim Dean