Degree Requirements

The MA in Sustainable International Development program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to fight poverty and inequality in the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities. Our focused but flexible curriculum is designed to meet your needs wherever you are in your development career.

The SID curriculum falls under three main categories:

  1. Conceptual frameworks for understanding development, including ethics, human rights, gender and inequality
  2. Multidisciplinary approaches to the economic, social and environmental problems in global development
  3. Management and data analysis skills, professional writing, critical thinking, policy analysis, and research methods

First Year Coursework (All Tracks)



Second Year Coursework: Four Track Options

The SID program has four tracks, three of which include a second year of study. Staying at Heller for a second year allows students to participate in a practicum, develop a concentration or advanced study, or apply to a dual or joint degree program. For more information on these, explore Track Options:

Joan Dassin engaging with students in classroom

Class Profile: The Future of Youth Policy

Thirty students stare at a large projector screen in the front of a classroom, mesmerized by a man with red hair nearly 3,000 miles away. He’s Jefferson Smith, founder of The Oregon Bus Project, a project in hands-on democracy. Today, he woke up early to video chat with students in Professor Joan Dassin’s seven-week class, “National and International Perspectives on Youth Policy and Programs.” (Read more)