Master of Arts in Sustainable International Development

SID Capstone

The SID Capstone represents the culmination of the student’s academic and professional work in the MA SID Program. Over the two-day event, students present the development problem or issue they examined in depth during their second year.  Through either a presentation on a panel with other students or in an individual scientific poster, students share their research findings with faculty and classmates as well as family and friends. The Capstone presentations showcase the skills and expertise students have developed during the program, including through their course work, field-based work and related professional experience. The students' Capstone presentations highlight the broad range of problems and approaches to sustainable development. 

SID Director Joseph Assan with 2023 SID Capstone participants
SID director Joseph Assan with some of the 2023 SID Capstone participants

2023 Capstone projects included:

  • “Addressing the mental health needs of Ethiopian immigrant and refugee communities within the Boston area,” by Getahun A. Ejamo, MA SID/MS GHPM’23
  • “Single motherhood resilience to poverty and sustainable livelihoods,” by Eunice Adjei, MA SID’23
  • “Children with disabilities and inclusive education in Ghana: Progress and challenges of Sustainable Development Goal 4,” by Naa Adjelely Annang Boi, MA SID’23
  • “A gender analysis of support for men’s jobs in West Africa,” by Grace Berchtold, MA SID/MS GHPM’23
  • “The trinity for India’s triple bottom line - Stylised facts on sustainable business standards,” by Bhavitha Bhogaraju, MA SID’23
  • “The importance of socio-economic evaluations in girls’ development projects,” by Mallory Bilski, MA SID’23
  • “The role of training in transferable skills in youth livelihoods and development in call center’s employees in El Salvador,” by Jennifer Cañas Alegria, MA SID’23
  • “Fostering development and reducing poverty in the Central African Republic through youth projects and participation,” by Saint Cyr Dimanche, MA SID’23
  • “Decision-making factors for individuals donating to international organizations,” by Charlie Estes, MA SID’23
  • “The impact of socio-cultural factors on pastoral women’s education enrollment in Ethiopia,” by Gashaw George Gebreidia, MA SID’23
  • “Assessing substance use disorder treatment in correctional settings: historical structural changes, individual level problems and a goal of reducing post-release overdose mortality in Massachusetts, USA,” by Joseph Gomes, MA SID’23
  • “Development aid for energy transition in Vietnam: Comparative approach of investment in energy sector of Asian Investment and Infrastructure Bank, Asian Development Bank, World Bank and Chinese Overseas,” by Thien Hoang, MA SID’23
  • “Landfills in Delhi, India: Impact on disadvantaged communities and the urgent need to improve municipal solid waste management policies,” by PerinAnn Katrak, MA SID’23
  • “Strategic health financing to primary health facility investment in low resource setting: Myanmar,” by Bawi Mang Lian, MA SID/MS GHPM’23
  • “Electrifying change: A policy framework to tackle Tanzania’s electricity access gap,” by Peter Masue, MA SID’23
  • “The role of education and youth employment in Myanmar,” by Naw Rose Min, MA SID’23
  • “Sustainable development goals and women’s empowerment: A study of BRAC gender policy 2020 in Bangladesh,” by Sabikun Naher, MA SID’23
  • “The reification of women in advertising and how it affects their development,” by Beatriz Pleités Lemus, MA SID’23
  • “Federal funding and capacity building: How these resources contribute to the fight to end gender-based violence,” by Hannah Plumb, MA SID’23
  • “Policy approaches to unpaid care work in the United States,” by Corin Seguljic, MA SID’23
  • “Policy framework enabling ‘JUST’ energy transitions in emerging economies: Case of fastest growing developing economy, India,” by Ripu Bhanjan Singh, MA SID’23
  • “Understanding how climate change impact on human migration in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic,” by Lah Soukkaseum, MA SID’23
  • “Graduate level gender-based violence prevention program at Brandeis University,” by Amanda Woolsey, MA SID/WGS’23
  • “Misconceptions of racial economic inequalities in the United States of America,” by Shaafie Yussif, MA SID’23