Master of Arts in Sustainable International Development

SID Capstone

The SID Capstone represents the culmination of the student’s academic and professional work in the MA SID Program. Over the two-day event, students present the development problem or issue they examined in depth during their second year.  Through either a presentation on a panel with other students or in an individual scientific poster, students share their research findings with faculty and classmates as well as family and friends. The Capstone presentations showcase the skills and expertise students have developed during the program, including through their course work, field-based work and related professional experience. The students' Capstone presentations highlight the broad range of problems and approaches to sustainable development. 

Thavy Hout, MA SID’18, presents her poster "Impact of foreign direct investment on the well-being of smallholder farmers in Cambodia."

2018 Capstone projects included:

  • "Sunrun's evolution and prospect of solar in the US," by Talal Ahmed, MA SID’18
  • "Digital finance: A secure way for women to absorb shocks and stay out of poverty--A case study from Bangladesh," by Walid Ahmed, MA SID’18
  • "Well-being, vocational education, and employment for street and vulnerable youth in Mackakos, Kenya," by Lynn Armel,  MA SID’18 
  • "Is 'fair trade' really fair? A look at fair trade certified coffee and its impact on the livelihoods of farmers," by Maria Bennett, MA SID/MBA’18
  • "Quality and access in education for indigenous students contextualized: A case study analysis of Mapuche students navigating higher education in Chile," by Camila Bernal, MA SID’18
  • "Effectiveness of investor engagement and shareholder advocacy for corporate social change," by Gail Carter, MA SID’18
  • "Teaching civic engagement through YMCA after-school programs," by Brianne Connelly, MA SID’18
  • "Leadership crises and organizational structure: A case study of LearnLaunch," by Aaron Cooper, MA SID’18 
  • "Innovating small and medium enterprises portfolios in multilateral development banks," by Gabriela Corbera, MA SID’18
  • "Private sector accountability: Applications for the New York declaration on forests," by Madeline Craig, MA SID’18
  • "Building risk resilience through inclusion: An evaluation of the intersection of gender and disaster risk reduction," by Orlaith Duggan, MA SID’18 
  • "Menstrual hygiene management as a barrier to girls’ education," by Filimon Ghebretinsae, MA SID/MS’18
  • "Agricultural technology adoption and child health outcomes: Improved rice varieties in the lowlands of Bolivia," by Krysla Grothe, MA SID/MS’18
  • "Addressing social, economic and environmental inequality in Belize: A colonial lens to understanding present and future analysis to development," by Madeline Guerra, MA SID’18
  • "Impact of foreign direct investment on the wellbeing of smallholder farmers in Cambodia," by Thavy Hout, MA SID’18 
  • "Love your iPhone or clothing from H&M? Thank a modern-day slave," by Anna Jen, MA SID/MBA’18
  • "Land alienation and pastoralism in an unequal world: The case of Karrayyu Oromo, Ethiopia," by Roba Jilo Bulga, MA SID/MBA’18
  • "Sexual harassment of Latina farmworkers in the United States: Applying critical race theory to understand the lack of attention and inform a more effective response," by Elizabeth Keeffe, MA SID/MBA’18
  • "Human capital development: The stimulus for Cambodia’s regional competitiveness and sustainable growth," by Kimlay Leav, MA SID’18
  • "Finding the Lorax: Defining a representative’s criteria for speaking on nature’s behalf," by Melannie Levine, MA SID’18
  • "Health systems performance evaluation in Africa," by Leulsegged Kasa Mekonen, MA SID/MS’18
  • "An analysis of the Ceres roadmap for sustainability and human rights: A consultant’s report," by Lena Muntemba, MA SID/MBA’18
  • "Testing and scaling-up the rope handpump and manual drilling to promote low-cost water solutions in rural Malawi," by Twisiwile Mwaighogha, MA SID’18
  • "Niger’s demographic crisis and family planning," by Emily Nolan, MA SID/MBA’18
  • "From surviving to thriving: Agricultural extension--The sleeping giant to ending food insecurity in Rwanda," by Willis Ochieng, MA SID’18
  • "The role of business in development: Using ICT4D and connectivity to address the sustainable development goals and create shared value," by Jessica Peete, MA SID/MBA’18
  • "Financial inclusion and poverty alleviation in Indonesia," by Suhendi Saputro, MA SID’18
  • "Storytelling as a fundraising tool for a West African maternal health NGO," by Matthew Schinske, MA SID’18
  • "St. Mary's Center for Women and Children: Resident services program," by Laura Schlater, MA SID’18
  • "Global community cycling club: Testing assumptions and seeking insight for organizational strategy," by Will Simcoe, MA SID/MBA’18
  • "Expanding educational opportunities for refugee youth in America," by Emma Sweikert, MA SID’18
  • "Factors impeding women's career advancement in Bhutan," by Sonan Tshomo, MA SID’18
  • "Occupation and the right to water: A case study of water, sanitation, and hygiene in the West Bank, Palestine," by Stephanny Vicuna, MA SID’18
  • "A consultant’s report to determine the fundraising capacity and expansion of the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment, Belize, CA," by Alexander Walther, MA SID’18
  • "Climate-smart agriculture: A strategy to increase smallholder farmers’ production and mitigate Liberia's dire food insecurity crisis," by Joe Wilson, MA SID/MS’18
  • "Local participation of China’s one belt, one road initiative," by Siwei Xiao, MA SID’18
  • "Reviewing the process of building child protection service in China, and assessing the possibility of incorporating some effective models used in the USA," by Xiao Lan Xu, MA SID’18
  • "Challenges confronting small-scale fisherman in the Kepulauan Region Selayar District, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia: A resilience strategy in the age of climate change," by Andi Zulfadhli Zainal, MA SID’18