Meet me at Zinner

March 27, 2019

The Rhonda S. and Michael J. Zinner Forum at the Heller School is more than a gathering space—it’s where the Heller School comes alive.

The Zinner Forum is where the journey begins for all Heller students, faculty and researchers. The forum hosts a packed house at orientation and fills up again at graduation, where students are joined by their loved ones from across the world, celebrating their accomplishments during their time here. If you’ve spent any time at Heller, “Meet me at Zinner,” is fondly etched in your vocabulary forever.

For a walk in the sun, a cup of freshly-brewed coffee or meaningful conversations around social policy, look no further than the Zinner Forum. Connecting Heller’s two wings, Schneider and Brown, the Zinner Forum continually provides the Heller community a space to rejuvenate, engage in dialogue and innovate. Much like the New England landscape that transforms outside Zinner’s sweeping windows, the forum inside adapts to each day, effortlessly reflecting the theme of each event it hosts.

The Zinner Forum welcomes everyone, including former U.S. senators, social policy activists, alumni and students, who all use it to celebrate Heller and its mission to advance social justice. Earlier this year, for example, the versatile space played host to former U.S. Attorney and senior FBI official Chuck Rosenberg during a “Conversation with the Dean” about the Mueller investigation. Just a few weeks later, it was filled with song during the school’s first-ever karaoke night, hosted by the Heller Student Association to celebrate the beginning of a new semester. From inspirational talks to somber memorials to joyful cultural celebrations – Zinner has seen it all.

While the events may come and go, there is one space within the forum that remains constant – the café in Zinner run by Rose, the friendly barista. From early morning to late afternoon, the Heller community is nourished with fresh coffee and happy conversations.

Finally, while Zinner may be bustling with ideas and activity during the day, as the sun sets, it’s often one of the best places to study on campus. Students gather in groups or focus individually, going over notes from the day, reading for the next, paving their way towards strong social justice careers.

As the heart of Heller, the Zinner Forum is an invaluable space that helps the community thrive.