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Heller Student Association

HSA vision and mission

The vision of the Heller Student Association (HSA) is to take an inclusive approach to understand and empower all of our educations through a focus on cross-collaboration between students, working groups, professors, and staff at Heller.

The mission of the HSA is to participate meaningfully in decisions affecting students’ time at Heller. We will amplify the diverse voices of the student body by bringing your input to the faculty, administration, career services, staff, steering committees, and program directors with whom we meet regularly.

What we are focusing on this semester

With COVID-19 influencing many factors of our time at Heller, HSA has chosen to prioritize these five goals for this semester:

  • Emphasizing self-care and awareness of resources available at Heller
  • Fostering a community focused on understanding and social justice
  • Hosting culturally appropriate events to celebrate our diverse community
  • Developing communication systems between the Heller student body and administration
  • Retooling our webpage for more outreach and collection of student concerns

Heller Student Association Co-Chairs

Sonam Deki

Sonam Deki, Co-Chair

Amanda Woolsey

Amanda Woolsey, Co-Chair

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