The Heller School for Social Policy and Management

Heller Student Association

This website is the start of a forum designed to collect feedback and potential solutions from students, inform students and staff of current HSA projects, communicate community updates, and display representatives’ biographies.

HSA vision and mission

The vision of the Heller Student Association (HSA) is to take a holistic approach to understanding and empowerment in our education through a focus on cross-collaboration between students, working groups, professors and staff at Heller.

The mission of the HSA is to participate meaningfully in decisions affecting our time at school.  We aim to unify the voice of the student body and bring our input to the faculty, administration, career services, staff, steering committees and program directors.

What we are focusing on this semester

In hopes to serve as a sustainable body for semesters to come, HSA has chosen to prioritize internal organization of the HSA body. Specifically, we are focusing on:

  • Taking a second look at our mission, role in the community, and internal systems
  • Creating fair processes for student committees
  • Developing a website for communicating current projects and collecting student concerns
  • Offering a cultural event to celebrate our diverse community
  • Establishing communication systems across administrative and student bodies