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Summer 2019

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Heller Magazine Winter 2018

Winter 2018

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Summer 2018

  • Simulated Society, Real Lessons: COEX Program Director Alain Lempereur uses an exercise called SIMSOC around the world—from Burundi to his classroom at Heller—to shed light on social inequities
  • Optimism of the Heart: Professor Robert Kuttner on his latest book, that infamous phone call from Steve Bannon, and a lifetime on the left edge of the possible
  • Changing the Future Through Fellowships: How critical financial support from Heller alumni and friends helps students—especially international ones—transform their lives and the communities around them
  • A Community for Life: The Eli J. & Phyllis N. Segal Citizen Leadership Program celebrates its 10th anniversary
  • Excellence Rising: A Fresh Start on Equity, Inclusion and Diversity at Heller: A perspectives column authored by Maria Madison, the associate dean for equity, inclusion and diversity 

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Winter 2017

  • The Academic Advocate: The Heller School welcomed David Weil, workplace and labor policy expert and former Obama appointee, as the school’s dean in August 2017
  • Connecting the Dots on Criminal Justice Reform: From policing to substance abuse to recidivism and re-entry, Heller MPP researchers and alumni strive for change at every level of the justice system
  • WorkAround: Three Heller alumnae have founded a startup company that provides online micro-tasking jobs to refugees and displaced people around the globe
  • Heller's Homegrown Global Ambassador: Ravi Lakshmikanthan, Heller’s assistant dean for academic and student services, builds connections for alumni around the world
  • Homelessness is, Foremost, a Housing Problem: Tatjana Meschede reflects on her work on homelessness in the U.S. 

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Summer 2017

  • In the Age of Trump: Faculty from Heller’s academic programs respond to the new presidential administration’s policy agenda
  • Taking Aim at America's Opioid Crisis: How a team of researchers from the Institute for Behavioral Health is pointing policymakers in a more effective direction
  • At the Intersection: Heller's new Executive MBA for Physicians program aims to improve health care by helping doctors take the lead
  • Watch City/La Ciudad de Reloj: Building a dual-immersion language program in Waltham public kindergarten
  • Who's With Me in the Classroom: Professor and Sillerman Center Director Susan Eaton shares the lessons she keeps close to heart that she learned from her former teachers and mentors

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Winter 2016

  • Hacking Bias in the Tech Industry: Freada Kapor Klein, PhD'84, co-founder of Project Include, brings research to bear on diversity and inclusion efforts in Silicon Valley
  • Right in Their Backyard: How three prominent Heller researchers and an alumna lend their strong voices to the cause of affordable housing in their hometown of Newton, Mass.
  • Inside Man: Edwin Pool, MA SID'17, wants to be an agent of change for a sustainable future
  • A Herculean Tradition: The Team Consulting Project comes full circle for one Heller MBA alumna
  • My Journey to Belong and Empower Others to Find Their Space in the World: Tam Emerson, director of the Eli J. Segal Citizen Leadership Program, reflects on her recent visit to Columbia--her first time back since being adopted from Bogotá almost 30 years ago at the age of six months

Summer 2016

  • Neuroscience for Peace
  • On the Ground: And (Social) Justice for All
  • Two Steps Forward, No Steps Back
  • Heart, Soul and Commitment 
  • "While I Ran to War, She Ran From It": The Story of a U.S. Veteran and a Syrian Expatriate

Winter 2016

  • At the Intersection of Race and Disability
  • On the Ground: Dengue Control in Mexico
  • A Distinctive History in Health Care
  • Social Justice Insurrection
  • Inclusive Communities and the Future of Anti-Discrimination Forensics 

Spring/Summer 2015

  • On the Ground: Ebola Response in Liberia
  • The Founding Mother
  • Keeping Up with the Neighbors
  • The Future of Youth Policy
  • Banner Years 

Fall 2014

  • Bridging the Doctor-Patient Disconnect
  • Ruderman Scholars Delve into Disability Challenges
  • Real Lives, Real Dreams
  • A Necessary Hero
  • Protagonists of Change 
  • Helping, In Just the Right Way
  • Big Data, Big Insights into Healthy Aging
  • A Nationa Addicted
  • Healing Invisible Scars
  • The Reality of the American Dream

Spring 2014

  • Research, Policy and Action for Seniors and Children
  • Managing Organizations with a Social Mission

Fall 2013

  • Shaping and Examining Policy
  • Advocacy and Education

Summer 2013

  • Citizen Leadership