The Heller School for Social Policy and Management

A Day in the Life of TCP

These quotes reflect specific descriptions of the nature of the work that TCP teams were engaged in during the summer.

A Heller MBA student presenting her TCP project

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project: A Strategic Growth Plan

“Our team is designing a comprehensive, three-year growth plan for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm in Lowell. It is run by an organization that supports refugee and immigrant farmers. We divided into two teams to analyze the CSA’s capacity, competition and operational challenges, in terms of supply and demand. Based on “Team Demand” interviews with customers, we are developing a sales and marketing strategy that differentiates the organization’s value proposition, while “Team Supply” analyzes the organization's ability to coordinate the farmers’ capacity with customer needs. This week, we are visiting one of the farms for data gathering and are looking forward to eating some fresh snow peas!”

Massachusetts Service Alliance: Identifying Pathways to Sustainability for the Commonwealth Corps Program

“For our TCP project, we have been charged with looking at the Massachusetts Service Alliance’s Commonwealth Corps program, the only state-based service corps in the nation, which is currently undergoing a transition due to the election cycle. Drawing on each of our unique service experiences (including Peace Corps and AmeriCorps), our team is recommending programmatic, marketing, and financial improvements which should put MSA in a stronger competitive position for the future.”

TCP team members for the Boston School Fund posing together.

BOKS (The Reebok Foundation): Growing Social Programs in a Corporate Setting

“Our TCP team is consulting with the Reebok Foundation and its main social purpose platform, BOKS (Building our Kids Success) during a time of proposed intense growth. We are working closely with BOKS as it determines the best foundation structure and options for funding this growth. We have interviewed key stakeholders to discover their differing values, opinions and needs as BOKS moves forward. Through this stakeholder analysis, our team will develop a value proposition for corporate funders that does not alienate its current stakeholders, including the Reebok Brand.”

The Mazie Foundation: Identifying Program Outcomes to Improve Competitive Advantage for the John Andrew Mazie Memorial Foundation

“Today we interviewed a school vice principal to gain an outside perspective on the organization that we are working with. It was really interesting to compare her comments to the learning from interviews of internal stakeholders.  After the interview, our group got together to start dissecting all of the research we have been doing. We talked about potential frameworks from our Leadership and Organizational Behavior class and also from Strategic Management that would help us capture all of our findings. It was a long day, but we made sure to take out time for a snack break and to have some fun as well!”

Nuestra Comunidad: Marketing Strategy for Nuestra Comunidad

“As a team we are able to combine our unique backgrounds and Heller education to solve a key management challenge for our client. Our project requires both analytical and problem solving skills to advise a community development corporation on how best to reach their core constituents. Through statistical tools we are identifying target communities for the organization's services. Based on interviews in the field, we are developing value propositions and best practices for marketing strategies and outreach.”

"TCP has been a challenging and rewarding experience for me, and by far the most memorable experience of my MBA program. It was a joy to watch each of the teams present...and made me very proud of my classmates." - Meg Robidas, MS/MBA'18