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Gail Carter, MA SID'18, with OxFam at the Massachusetts State House.
Gail Carter, MA SID'18, with OxFam at the Massachusetts State House.

“What’s your mission?” That’s a question every Heller student thinks about from day one—and that’s what drives them through their studies and into the working world.

Heller alumni are changing policy across all levels of government. Designing innovative solutions for pressing societal problems. Leading the way in corporate social responsibility.

Our talented graduates take their skills and experiences across the globe as they fight for social justice in every capacity. They work for international organizations like the United Nations, the World Bank and OxFam; Fortune 500 companies like Nike; agencies like USAID; consulting companies like Abt Associates; research institutes like RTI; and nonprofits like Jobs for the Future, Strong Women Strong Girls and the Boston Foundation. 

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Alumni Success Stories

James Miller, MBA/MPP'11

Executive Director, LGBT Center of Raleigh

“Heller stepped up with a way I could conduct my own education and research that was relevant to the queer rights movement and HIV policy. I’ll be honest: the dual MPP and MBA was extremely difficult but so rewarding, because I learned more than I ever thought I could have. How can we fundamentally change policy using the capitalist system as it exists currently? That was super powerful for me.”

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Lisette Anzoategui

Lisette Anzoategui, MA SID/COEX'15

Program Manager, Social Impact

As a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras, “I saw constantly the interaction between violence prevention and conflict and peacebuilding and development. That was a huge part of why I chose Heller, where I could do the dual degree in sustainable international development and coexistence and conflict to make those linkages.”

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Jarnail Singh

Jarnail Singh, MA SID’13

India Director, The Climate Group

“The skills I gained at Heller allowed me to grow within the organization. The Climate Group wanted a strategist who could look beyond the obvious. The leadership traits I picked up during my time at Heller—coupled with technical knowledge—that’s what did the trick.”  

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Alexandra Bastien, MPP’12

Program Associate, PolicyLink

“I didn’t know I was going to become super passionate about asset building when I came to grad school. Literally in my first class at Heller, which was with Janet Boguslaw, I learned this language around asset building, the racial wealth gap and the hidden welfare state. It was an amazing experience.”

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Freada Kapor Klein, PhD'84

Partner, Kapor Capital; Co-founder, Project Include

For decades, venture capitalist Kapor Klein has worked to reduce bias, harassment and discrimination in work environments through both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. “I wouldn’t be doing this work for this many decades if I weren’t fundamentally an optimist. I have been and remain an advocate for social and racial justice, and therefore I am an optimist.”

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Jennie, Wafaa and Shadi working together at a desk
The WorkAround team at their workspace in Massachusetts. Photo: Mike Lovett

Wafaa Arbash, MA SID/COEX’17, Shadi Sheikh Saraf, MA SID/COEX’17 and Jennie Kelly, MA SID/MBA’17, co-founders of WorkAround, created a startup that gives refugees the opportunity to do remote work for Boston-area companies.

Josh Cramer Montes

Josh Cramer Montes, MBA/MA SID'17, Communications and Engagement Director, Sustainable Business and Innovation at Nike

"My role helps advance Nike’s moonshot goal of doubling the size of the business with half the impact. The way we’re doing this is through three fundamental pillars: minimizing our environmental footprint, transforming manufacturing, and unleashing human potential."