Kicking Off Women’s History Month

Brielle Ruscitti, MS GHPM/MA SID '24

March 05, 2024

Brielle RuscittiWe have just returned from a mid-semester break at the Heller School – amidst the assignments, papers and the end module one, spring is getting closer and it is the beginning of women’s history month, in just a few short days. In today’s blog post, we are kicking off women’s history month with a round up of some of the inspirational women in my life.

Being at the Heller Schools means that you are surrounded by passionate and hard- working students, professors, and staff. However, we would not be where we are without the Admissions directors and graduate admission staff and ambassadors. The admissions team is nearly all women powered! These ladies are driven, focused and hardworking individuals that help keep the Heller School running. We are so lucky to have this team of leading ladies!

My next group of inspirational women are the women in my family and close friends. I am so lucky to be surrounded by strong, independent women who keep me motivated outside of school, pick me up when I fall down, and push me to be my best self. As I have gotten older, I have realized just how important the rich and deep connections that female friendships have.

One of my hobbies outside of the Heller School is reading fiction and one of my recent inspirations, despite being fictional, is from Lessons in Chemistry, by Bonnie Garmus. This novel tells the story of Elizabeth Zott – a woman ahead of her time, a leading scientist and a feminist who doesn’t even know it. Readers are transported into the 1950’s world, and root for Zott as she triumphs with hard work, intellect and using the tools available to her and the women of her era. Zott is an inspiration not only for women in STEM, but also women who face adversity, criticism, and external doubts of their abilities. I cannot recommend this read enough and it reminded me to realize how far women have come in just a few short decades.

While these are just a few examples of the women who inspire me, I challenge you this
month to reflect on the inspirational women in your life.