Welcome Back!

Amanda Miller, Heller Admissions Staff

August 29, 2023

You may have noticed that for the past few months, the Heller Admissions Blog has been largely inactive while we migrated the site to this Heller-hosted site where you're reading this today. But I'm happy to announce that the Heller Admissions Blog is officially back!

Yes, just like Heller itself (we welcomed our Fall 2023 cohort to campus yesterday for orientation), the Heller Admissions blog is back in session and I'm excited for everything we have in store for you on our new-and-improved blog. Here are some things that you can expect over the next year:

  • How to choose the right program for you (maybe even a fun quiz or two to help you decide)
  • Day-in-the-life posts from our students
  • Information about the research projects that our graduate students are working on within one of Heller's ten renowned research institutes
  • How to deal with a admit decision, waitlist decision, or deny decision
  • Recaps of students' internship experiences
  • Guides for international students going through the VIDOF process
  • Features on our students' favorite classes
  • Tips on how to secure the right internship for you
  • Guides for where to live in the Boston and Waltham area should you be admitted
  • How-to's on how to write your statement of purpose, structure your resume or C.V., or your writing sample (for those of you applying to programs that require a writing sample)
  • Tips on what to ask during a campus visit
  • Student perspectives about why they chose Heller
  • Event recaps from our students

And so much more. We have some new blog writers this year that I'm excited to introduce you to, as well as some familiar faces. Can't wait to join you for the year ahead!