A Local’s Guide to Boston #2: What to Eat

Serina Herron-Smith, MA SID'24

November 16, 2023

Serina Herron-SmithHello everyone and welcome back to my on-going series, where I, Native Bostonian, show you the best of the best in this beautiful, European adjacent city! 

Last week we went over some places to go and this week? We’re getting into the good stuff – I’m talking about food! Fair warning that good food comes at a price so keep that in mind as you think about checking out these selections, but also know that you’re working hard and you deserve a break and a little treat! So forge ahead with me, let’s get hungry! 

Top 3 Food Places to Eat in Boston!

1. RUKA Restobar

Why it’s on the list: What can I say about RUKA that won’t make it immediately obvious that it’s my top choice? Probably nothing, so I won't try. RUKA is gorgeous everyone. The decor inside, the sushi rolls, the drinks. Everything is immaculate. For any of you that are in relationships or scrolling through Hinge, I implore you to consider RUKA as your next date night destination. 

My go-to Menu: This is about FOOD not DRINKS and so i recommend to you a sushi selection – the Nasu Dragon. For my lovely vegetarians and even my meat lovers, this is sure to impress. Panko breaded eggplant? Check? Avocado? Check? Chimichurri? Check Check Check! It’s giving umami people!

2. Buttermilk & Bourbon

Why it’s on the list: Y’all… I was just here for my birthday brunch (Hi July babies!), and that’s how you know it’s good. Buttermilk & Bourbon is a must-try brunch spot. I haven't gone there for lunch or anything else but who needs lunch when brunch exists? The variety in the menu and the location (Newbury street!) are already perfect, but i can promise you whether you’re dining inside or out, it’s instagram worthy through and through.

My go-to menu: I mean any good biscuit is made with buttermilk, no? And so I present to you the gorgeous, stunning, immaculate warm honey glazed biscuits. I cannot emphasize enough that if you go here you must try the biscuits, they’re delicious. And if you’re feeling rebellious or you’re just in the mood for some good classic southern food, do yourself a favor and get the biscuits and gravy, baby!

3. Saltie Girl

Why it’s on the list: To be honest with you all… I haven't even gone here yet. That’s how good the reviews are. I’ve had friends and family both recommend this place to me and heaped praises upon the menu, the vibes, everything. If you aren’t into seafood, then you’re out of luck because Saltie Girl specializes in it (there are non-fish options, but why go here when you can just go to Shake Shack or something?). But for my friends who believe fish are food, please give Saltie girl a try. And invite me, I wanna go too! 

My go-to menu: Again, I haven’t been here BUT fried calamari? Warm french bread? Lobster rolls? WOW give me all of it!