Editor’s Note

Amanda Miller, Heller Admissions Staff

June 11, 2020

Amanda Miller, Associate Director of AdmissionsAs I’m sure you’ve noticed, over the past two weeks, in lieu of our regularly scheduled blog posts, I’ve chosen instead to share with you messages from Heller’s class of 2020. We’ll be resuming our content next week: not as a return to business as usual, but because at Heller we recognize that you— our prospective students, our admitted students, our current students, our graduates— can help bring about the change and healing our local communities, campuses, cities, and our country so desperately need, and it’s our role to help you in this journey.

By the time our students arrive at Heller, many have already done amazing things: started their own charities, worked for innovative NGOs, worked on the campaign trail for a political candidate they believed in, served in the Peace Corps, volunteered in their communities, conducted groundbreaking research… our applicants never fail to surprise me with their incredible backgrounds. Our students come to Heller because they are motivated to change the world, and they graduate with the tools to do it.

So in what will certainly be a contentious election year, in the midst of a pandemic, while needed protests are sweeping the nation, I chose to share recordings of two of our commencement speakers because they gave me hope. If you’re reading this, I know that you share the desire to affect the change our world needs, and that gives me hope too.  I look forward to continuing to providing you with information, tips, and perspectives from our current Heller students next week, and beyond.

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