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Professor Joan Dassin '69 speaking with a student at an event in Zinner Forum

Joan Dassin '69

Professor of International Education and Development and Director, MA Program in Sustainable International Development

Expertise: International and comparative education policy; educational opportunity and social mobility; youth leadership development; social policy and democratic governance in developing countries; project design, management, implementation and evaluation; extensive field experience in Brazil, Latin America and East Africa

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Joseph Kweku Assan, Assistant Professor of Political Economy of Sustainable Development

Joseph Assan

Assistant Professor

Expertise: International political economy, sustainable development, international development, development studies, development management, sustainable livelihoods, climate change adaptation and poverty reduction, environmentally-induced vulnerabilities and human security, resilience to climatic variability, environmentally-induced migration and development policy analysis, environment, health and human well-being

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Head shot of Professor Larry Bailis

Larry Bailis

Associate Professor

Expertise: Service programs, service-learning and experiential education; university-community partnerships; college access and other youth development programs; program evaluation; political advocacy, protest, and community organizing

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Francisco Rolfsen Belda, Feldman Engaged Scholar

Francisco Rolfsen Belda

Feldman Engaged Scholar and Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Arts and Communications (FAAC) at São Paulo State University (UNESP), Bauru Campus, Brazil

Expertise: Editorial management, science journalism and digital media and technologies for education and local development

Joan Dubinsky, Adjunct Lecturer

Joan Dubinsky

Adjunct Lecturer

Expertise: Organizational ethics, corporate compliance, and their practical application in the public and private sectors, international organizations, and international financial institutions
M. Cristina Espinosa, Associate Professor

M. Cristina Espinosa

Associate Professor

Expertise: Gender, culture and sustainable development/conservation; gender, livelihoods and social differentiation; globalization, gender and livelihoods; indigenous peoples and ethnicity in development; ethnic spirituality and health

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Ricardo Godoy, Professor of International Development

Ricardo Godoy


Expertise: Acculturation; inequality; social capital; econometrics; research design; Bolivia; indigenous peoples; native Amazonians; panel studies; randomized controlled trials

Dr. Godoy manages the Tsimane’ Amazonian Panel Study that conducts annual measures of socioeconomic, demographic, health, and psychological indicators.

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Anita Hill, University Professor of Social Policy, Law, and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Anita F. Hill

University Professor of Social Policy, Law, and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Expertise: Anti-discrimination law and policy (gender and race)

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Susan Holcombe, Professor Emerita

Susan Holcombe

Professor Emerita of the Practice

Expertise: Management and implementation of development policies, programs, and projects

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Marion Howard, MA'04, Professor Emerita

Marion Howard, MA SID'04

Professor Emerita

Expertise: Planning and implementation, small island sustainable development, coastal and marine conservation, protected areas, community participation

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Ravi Lakshmikanthan, Lecturer

Ravi Lakshmikanthan, MA SID'99


Expertise: Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in international development projects; certified GIS Professional (GISP)

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Richard Lockwood, Instructor

Richard Lockwood


Expertise: analysis of agricultural, food, and nutrition policy on the well-being of nutritionally vulnerable populations

Chandni Ohri, Adjunct Adviser

Chandni Ohri

Adjunct Adviser

Expertise: Digital financial services; behavioral economics; human-centered design; innovative product development; project management; stakeholder management

Eric Olson, Senior Lecturer

Eric Olson

Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Ecological consequences of invasive species, and the policy framework to protect and restore wild habitats; tropical forest food webs; climate change and adaptation; major ecological threats; water; ecology of health; environmental impact assessment; ecotourism

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Pratistha Joshi Rajkarnikar, Adjunct Lecturer

Pratistha Joshi Rajkarnikar

Adjunct Lecturer

Expertise: Economic development; macroeconomic theory and policy; feminist economics

Brian Roach, Adjunct Lecturer

Brian Roach

Adjunct Lecturer

Expertise: economic analysis of environmental policies, economic inequality, human development, corporate power, tax policies

Rajesh Sampath

Rajesh Sampath

Associate Professor of the Philosophy of Justice, Rights and Social Change

Expertise: General topics in applied moral and political philosophy; philosophy of development; comparative religions; theories of justice; development ethics; philosophy of law, comparative constitutional law, human rights and theories of democracy

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Donald Shepard, Professor

Donald Shepard


Expertise: Health economics, cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-benefit analysis, health financing in the United States and globally, and their application to drug and alcohol abuse, cardiovascular disease, dengue and malaria

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Laurence Simon, Professor

Laurence R. Simon

Professor and Director, Center for Global Development and Sustainability

Expertise: Philosophy of development, political/cultural geography, psychological and cultural barriers to poverty alleviation, agrarian reform, project planning and implementation, organizational management, post-harvest technology transfer, social exclusion and emancipatory development, qualitative evaluation

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David J. Whalen, Adjunct Lecturer

David Whalen, MBA'00

Adjunct Lecturer

Expertise: effective management of development and fundraising programs

Nader Habibi, Professor

Nader Habibi


Expertise: Microeconomic theory; economics of the Middle East; managerial economics; development economics

781-736-5325 Crown Center, Lemberg Hall 226
Chandler Rosenberger, Assistant Professor of International and Global Studies and Sociology

Chandler Rosenberger

Assistant Professor of International and Global Studies and Sociology

Expertise: Nationalism, sociology of religion, comparative and historical sociology

781-736-2638 Mandel Center for the Humanities 106
Andreas Teuber, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Andreas Teuber

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Expertise: Political philosophy, philosophy of law, democratic theory, philosophy of art, liberty and equality, natural kinds and human kinds, internationalization of human rights, duty to rescue law, responsibility to protect, criminal attempt law, felony murder, international rules of war and micro-legal systems, civil engagement and civil resistance, philosophy of John Stuart Mill, the case against the secret ballot, representation in painting, photography and film

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