Staff and Faculty

Information Security Policy

The Heller School recently adopted new Information Security Policies following a lengthy period of review. The new policies were updated in order to consolidate and clarify individual expectations for information security at Heller, to adhere to a common security policy and compliance framework, and to ensure that critical security elements were addressed.

The Information Security Policy manual provides the foundation for Heller’s information security initiatives and can provide guidance to faculty, staff and students. Everyone in the Heller community is responsible for reading and following the Information Security policies.

“Faculty, staff and students should be aware of the policies and requirements, and should understand their responsibilities in protecting Heller’s IT resources and data,” said Ron Etlinger, Heller’s Chief Administrative Officer.

To demonstrate security awareness, each faculty member, staff member and student must sign the Code of Conduct document and return it to Debbie DeWolfe in Schneider cube 222. Protecting Heller’s data and systems is something for which everyone in the Heller community is responsible.

In addition, the new Information Security Policy is available in MS Word format so that it can be used by researchers in proposals to funders, to describe Heller’s information security policies and data management procedures.

Furthermore, we have provided other frequently used documents, such as:

Code of Conduct

Data Destruction Policy

Data Destruction Procedure

DUA Certificate of Disposition

Incident Management Process

Principal Investigator (PI) Checklist

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