Social Impact MBA

Dual Degrees

Many students come to Heller to further a career that strives for social justice. We believe that an interdisciplinary focus is key to getting at the root causes of systemic social problems. While all of our degree programs incorporate interdisciplinary instruction and curriculum, many master’s students opt to take their studies even further by adopting a dual or joint degree option. Dual and joint degree programs not only can strengthen your understanding of a given issue, but they can also increase your professional network and broaden your job prospects when you graduate.

What is a dual degree?

Students in dual degree programs fulfill the complete requirements for each degree, earning degrees for both programs.

Dual degree options for MBA students

For a full listing of Heller dual and joint degree options, visit our Dual and Joint Degrees site.
MBA/MPP student Lisa Knichols describes why this dual degree was a good fit for her, and what makes the Heller learning environment so special.